James Barber

A storyteller and a highly analytical problem solver, James has an unusually full gamut of skills, from producing and directing, lighting and shooting, to editing, vfx, and colouring. Spending the last few years chiefly in post production has sharpened his storytelling talents and given him massive experience in a huge range of story formats for an extensive list of production companies, ad agencies and large corporates.

A big believer in quality over quantity, he completed a four year drama degree to learn how to work with actors and craft stories, while working as an assistant to fashion photographers and cinematographers, concurrently co-running a fledgling production company before travelling for a year in Japan and then moving back to the UK in 2008.

Proficient with Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX, FCP7, Da Vinci Resolve, Mocha, Celtx, Final Draft, Photoshop, James has a great deal of creativity and the practicality to take ideas and run with them.

Having used Premiere since 2003, and FCPX on over a hundred edits since 2012, he is one of the more experienced FCPX users in London and he is also very knowledgeable about green screen techniques, both acquisition and post-production, plus he is skilled with screen replacement and After Effects in general.

A born problem solver, James considers his flexibility and desire to learn new processes as one of his chief attributes. He is highly analytical, social and easy to work with. Recent Clients include R/GA, Whitecoat, Kinamo, Bright Talk, Salt TV, Quite Frankly Productions.

Jamie Roper

Jamie is an Editor and Cameraman whose strongest asset is the ability to adapt to whatever the subject matter throws at him. His understanding of corporate business language allows him to be able to tell a complex story, which is both interesting and visually engaging.

Skilled in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AFX, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator – Jamie has been working for Quite Frankly Productions since graduating from University of Gloucestershire in 2008. His momentous experience includes filming the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay which has travelled from Athens to London for over 70 days.

Working with top fashion brands has given him the stylistic approach that befits their nature. Whilst the corporate world has given him the opportunity to work across a broad spectrum of subjects and provided him with means he can work competently to specific briefs. Recent clients include Coca Cola, Diageo, Omega, HSBC, AUDI, Louis Vuitton, Mishcon de Reya, CCEP, Cancer Research.

Adam Beasley

Highly motivated, creative and hard-working, Adam is an editor who loves to make engaging films with an emphasis on people and their stories. He grew up by the sea in Brighton before living and studying in Bristol, although London has been his home for 10 years now.

Since cutting his teeth as a camera assistant on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den, he has worked across the broadcast spectrum, from entertainment shows to gritty documentaries. Adept at working to a high standard under pressure and in any location, Adam is a fast and adaptable editor and cameraman.

Whether cutting surf films in Tahiti, shooting for Ski Sunday or getting an edit underway on a long-haul flight home, he relishes the challenges presented by each job, loving new adventures and making new friends along the way.

Alongside his broadcast work, Adam has a wealth of experience in the corporate and online world. He has worked on branded content films for Red Bull, MasterCard and DHL, talking heads for BP, Unilever and Hiscox, and charity projects across Africa and India with Water Aid and Plan International. He has also edited for FIFA at the World Cup and for OBS at the Rio Olympic Games.

Proficient in Premiere Pro, Final Cut 7 and Avid, Adam owns an FS7 shooting kit, a DJI Ronin and LED panel lights. He is currently involved in projects for the BBC and Sunset & Vine, as well as working to get more of his own documentary projects commissioned.