Marco Ruffatti

An award-winning film and TV editor, Marco has over fifteen years experience across commercials, documentaries and scripted drama.

Marco is an intuitive and highly collaborative editor. He approaches each project with a storyteller’s eye, and his passion for music shows through his lyrical editing style. Marco is highly adaptable and fast with a deep understanding of workflow garnered from his years running a boutique post house in Shoreditch. This, coupled with his long-time passion for fictionalised drama, makes him a versatile collaborator, attentive to detail, and extremely self organised and independent.

Marco has been based in London since 1999 earning an MA in Art and Media Practice at Westminster University. He continues to pursue his passion for both short and long form drama and broadcast TV shows.

A testimonial from EP David McNab at World Media Rights states that Marco “instinctively understands how to construct drama and knows how to weave it with documentary without losing tension. He’s great with music and has enough visual tricks up his sleeve to keep you gripped.”

Oren Yaniv

Oren is an experienced creative Editor and Colourist. With a track record in various genres and formats in broadcast as well as film. Having worked in the industry since 2000, Oren is a very outgoing person with excellent communication and peoples skills.

In 2001 Oren won awards for ‘Gershon’, 11 minutes stop motion animation film in 16 mm, which he wrote and directed; 1st prize for Best Short Film at the “2001 Haifa International Film Festival” and The International Film Comet Prize at the Hanover “Up and Coming” Film Festival.

See Oren’s CV for full credit list.

Steve Gilbert

Steve offers editing, compositing and grading in one neat package. He has an extensive list of broadcast credits to his name, consisting of many documentaries that aired on all domestic network channels and cable broadcasters (including some Emmy winners).

Active in the industry since 1998, he has worked his way up from being a runner in Soho to becoming co-director of an established post-house. His various useful attributes can help you create and finish your work with masses of editing, compositing and grading plaudits. Skilled in Avid and Final Cut Pro, Steve combines significant skills and speed with a very relaxed and client-friendly approach.

Steve can help build stories, create looks while grading and offer a well humoured, creative and informative edge to your project. Recent clients include Pioneer Productions, Ricochet, Blink Films, Knickerbocker Glory, Wall To Wall.

See Steve’s CV for full credit list.

Nick Kyriakides

With an extensive portfolio and experience in broadcast, film and international projects, Nick’s work has been part of the Cannes Official Selection in 2010 and he has been Head of Post-Production on many shorts that have won several awards. He specialises in all facets of post-production – from Editing and Motion Graphics to Visual Effects, Compositing, Keying and Grading.

Nick is also an Apple-certified trainer and editor in Final Cut Pro 7 and X, with more than 8 years experience in the Adobe range – predominantly After Effects and Premiere – and all aspects of a post production workflow.

Creative and idea-driven, he is articulate and passionate about his work, striving to improve unfamiliar areas and further his existing skills, striving to deliver to the highest possible standards on every occasion.

A dedicated team member and solo artist, Nick has excellent interpersonal skills and is easily adaptable to new concepts and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Recent clients include Arctos Media, Conscious 2, Beast Productions, Spring Studios, Coda and Elbow Productions.

Sam Woodcock

Sam is a freelance Colourist whose post-production background has featured every stage of the workflow process and is continually evolving as new technology is introduced.

From ingest to offline and online, he has edited a wide range of projects over the years: music videos, short films, documentaries, promos and feature film trailers. All of these experiences have informed and enriched how he approaches colour grading.

Collaborating with clients, directors and DOPs has been instrumental in developing his approach to both the technical and aesthetic side of what he does. Sam creates a look that is consistent, stylised, detailed, cinematic and enhances the footage and lighting to its fullest potential.

Laszlo Forras

Laszlo’s first ever edit was done using two VHS recorders and a cassette player when he was 12 years old, and he hasn’t stopped editing since.

Whilst freelancing for creative agencies, broadcasters and post production houses, he has been building up a significant body of work that includes TV commercials, corporate films, branded content, ad sales reels, promos, webcasts and social media spots.

Laszlo never stops learning new skills or developing existing ones and he can confidently use Premiere CC, AVID, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Calm and patient under pressure, he’s a pleasure to work with and is happy to follow directions but can create a narrative if needed. Laszlo has also gained credits as an offline/online editor, compositor and colorist for various short films.

His work includes brands such as Levi’s, Volvo, Nestle, Heathrow and Visa. Amongst his recent clients there are Saatchi & Saatchi, VCCP, Hogarth, Disney, Discovery and BT Sports.

Beth Allan

Beth offers the unique combination of in depth technical knowledge and individual creative flair. This is best showcased in her work as a colourist, where she has a proven record of being able translate a production’s vision into a polished final product with accuracy. She also uses her up to date technical knowledge, gained from working in a mix of high end and boutique post production facilities since 2010, to support the offline and online process. Thinking laterally she is able to assist any type of production with robust workflow implementation and first class technical support.

Previous clients include the BBC, Channel 4 and Sundance winning feature doc, Three Identical Strangers.

Tim Martin

Tim is a DaVinci and Baselight Colourist who has done colour grading for the past 2 years. He trained with Freefolk in the UK and has worked for Post Houses both in the UK and USA and has extensive experience grading commercials, music videos and short films.

Tim’s grading background includes using the software to wrangle or consolidate data from a wide variety of cameras, conforming shots against offlines, performing quality control checks, working with producers and editors to overcome issues and ensure smooth operation and delivery.

He also has his own Resolve Studio system with calibrated monitors so can grade to a high standard remotely.

Past clients include Blink Ink, Ogilvy, Vogue and Instagram.

Laura Hewett

Laura is primarily a Baselight colourist, with a background in online editing using Avid Symphony. She is passionate about using a combination of her technical knowledge; creativity and drive to achieve the best possible results for her clients.

Her love for colour grading began at a young age when she first was introduced to photo editing using Adobe Photoshop. This passion continued into University when she undertook a dissertation on Post Production Techniques, focusing heavily on colour grading.

Laura won an award for her final year short film project that led to her gaining a position at ENVY in 2009, where she worked her way up through the ranks. Now an experienced online editor and colourist with some basic AFX skills, Laura has gained experience with a variety of clients on a broad spectrum of content including broadcast television in the entertainment, documentary and factual genres, commercials, short films, corporate projects and music videos.

Recent clients include Renegade Pictures, Stampede Productions, AFL Films, Potato TV and Shiver TV

James Barber

A storyteller and a highly analytical problem solver, James has an unusually full gamut of skills, from producing and directing, lighting and shooting, to editing, vfx, and colouring. Spending the last few years chiefly in post production has sharpened his storytelling talents and given him massive experience in a huge range of story formats for an extensive list of production companies, ad agencies and large corporates.

A big believer in quality over quantity, he completed a four year drama degree to learn how to work with actors and craft stories, while working as an assistant to fashion photographers and cinematographers, concurrently co-running a fledgling production company before travelling for a year in Japan and then moving back to the UK in 2008.

Proficient with Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX, FCP7, Da Vinci Resolve, Mocha, Celtx, Final Draft, Photoshop, James has a great deal of creativity and the practicality to take ideas and run with them.

Having used Premiere since 2003, and FCPX on over a hundred edits since 2012, he is one of the more experienced FCPX users in London and he is also very knowledgeable about green screen techniques, both acquisition and post-production, plus he is skilled with screen replacement and After Effects in general.

A born problem solver, James considers his flexibility and desire to learn new processes as one of his chief attributes. He is highly analytical, social and easy to work with. Recent Clients include R/GA, Whitecoat, Kinamo, Bright Talk, Salt TV, Quite Frankly Productions.

Nevan Carey

Nevan is a certified Davinci Resolve colourist with over 15 years experience in post production. For the past 3 years he has been a Colourist and Head of Post Production for CNN’s award winning brand studio, Create, working on short films and documentary-style branded content.

He has a professional grading suite with a fully calibrated FSI Broadcast Monitor and 65k backlight at 10% peak luminance for true image reproduction. Nevan has worked for many prestigious global companies as Colourist and Editor for commercial and branded content campaigns.

John Weeks

John has over 8 years of post-production experience in a wide range of production formats including feature length and short films, television, TVC’s, promos and corporates. He is highly skilled in Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools and Da Vinci Resolve to mention just a few. Doing work for clients such as Evidently, Salt TV, Mighty Fine and Prism. His aim is to be a highly efficient editor with a focus on narrative and visual interest. He has a strong team ethic and enjoys working with others and has leadership experience as a head of department. He is a quick learner and loves tackling new challenges with creative solutions because he finds that’s usually when making films is most fun.

John is also skilled and knowledgable in other areas including directing, writing, lighting, camera operating and sound recording.

Roopinder Sood

Roop loves being on a project from start to finish. He is a creative polymath who our clients rely upon again and again. He is multifaceted in that he can produce, shoot, direct, edit, vfx supervise, motion design and grade. He has great management skills and is capable of working independently or heading up and organising large projects. His credits contain short films, music videos, commercials, corporate, documentary, children’s TV, current affairs and factual entertainment.

Roop has a thoughtful demeanour and delivers beautiful work.

Orla O’Brien

After studying Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, Orla started her career at the award winning VFX Post House, Framestore. During her time there, Orla assisted the technical director and became camera equipment supervisor before discovering her passion for colour grading. She then moved into the DI department where she worked on a number of Hollywood blockbusters including; ‘The Last King of Scotland’, ‘Batman’, ‘Doomsday’ and ‘Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day’.

Orla is very skilled in Telecine scanning, Baselight, Apple Colour and Davinci resolve. Recent clients include Salt TV, R/GA and lots of work with Kream. Recent colourist credits include Costa, Honda, EE, TFL, Royal Mail and Natwest to name just a few. She is highly skilled and a pleasure to be around.

Pierre Griffin

Pierre is an editor with over 15 years of experience in broadcast and corporate production, who has won awards for editing as well as animation. He has recently returned to freelancing after working as head of post at VCCP and head of content at Designate, where he founded a new department with its own video production unit and post-production facility.

Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and After Effects among others, he started out as a 2D animator on Matador and CoSa, when Adobe were the new kids on the block. From mood reels and animatics to producing and directing, Pierre has the level of experience to make sure his clients achieve the maximum from their production budget.

He has clocked over 500 TV commercials for broadcast in the US, EMEA and the UK and he has enjoyed a wide berth of experience managing large teams, designing campaign strategies and creative-directing online content from the pre-production stage to final delivery.

Recent clients include Whitecoat, R/GA, Kinamo, VCCP London, National Geographic Channel, Mighty Fine Productions, Greedy Media.

Leo Hallal

Leo is a Colourist who has been involved in all aspects of film and television post-production since 1997. He has worked in cutting rooms, film labs and post facilities in Brazil, the US and the UK, including Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope.

Since 2013, he has been working in London on branded content, documentaries and fiction films. He thinks that colour-grading is a creative extension of cinematography that allows the producer’s and director’s vision to prevail.

Skilled in using Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Avid Symphony – since 2004, Leo has colour-graded hundreds of films and television shows, including “Kings Point”, 2013 Oscar Nominee for Best Documentary Short, and most recently climate change feature documentary “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power” with Al Gore.

Recent clients he has completed work for include Hogarth & Ogilvy and Boundless Productions.