Tom Hawksley

Tom is a Senior Editor and Nuke compositor with 18 years experience as both an offline and online editor for broadcast and web. He also has 4 years compositing experience for VR, web and Dome delivery. Tom’s editing practice spans documentary to promo in a variety of genres. Tom has managed a few small post production teams as lead Editor and Compositor. He is familiar with Shotgun and Ftrack cms and Deadline rendering.

Tom is also an aficionado in 360 degree video production; he has extensive experience in de-warping, stitching, stabilising, match-moving, clean-up, mapping, re-lighting, object placement, 3D scene creation and point cloud generation, for both stereo and mono 360 footage. Tom has delivered 50+ 360 projects to high standard and has a excellent knowledge of 360 cameras, rigs, delivery formats and platforms. Having push himself and kit to the n’th degree, regularly working on 6 and 8K projects, he is unphased by any scale of photo-real compositing or editing jobs.

Some of Tom’s clients he worked with over the years – SkyVR, Framestore, Quite Frankly, BBC, CNBC, Visualise, Rewind, Craft, Red Bee, London Business School, Merchant Cantos, Illuminations.

Matteo Del Nero

Matteo is a Senior Designer who has been working on design, branding, motion design, animation & art direction for branding and advertising projects for several years.

His work includes some high calibre showcases of beautiful projects he has created using Cinema 4D and is really keen to use his skills and collaborate on projects that involve using his art direction and style point of view.

Matteo specialises in producing high standard works in the fields of animation, graphic design and overall media solutions.

Previous clients include Puma, Mastercard, Nespresso, HSBC, ESPN, British Gas & Ford among others.