Spencer Carpenter

Spencer is one of our most versatile polymaths who has been working in the creative industry since 1999. His dedication to multi-disciplines, including concept development, producing, directing, video editing, 3D animation, 2D design and scriptwriting enable him to manage teams and offer clients an unrestricted array of creative possibilities for every task.

With a strong passion for storytelling and visual design, Spencer is an exceptional creative to have on board from initial planning and consultation all the way through to execution and delivery – always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty when placed on projects.

Experienced in multi-disciplines, he’s been producing content for broadcast, cinema, advertising, corporate, internal communications, web and more. Recent clients include Two Four Productions, MCC GLC, Picasso Pictures, Bright Talk, CC Lab, CNN, Feref, Whitecoat and BenBen.

Ibrahim Ahmed

Ibrahim is a 2D and 3D Motion Graphics Designer specialising in content for internal corporate films, on-air branding and online digital signage, who has designed elements for various promos, indents and international broadcast.

After graduating with a BA Honours in Moving Image Design from Ravensbourne in 2005, he signed with Blueberry in the same year and has worked with us ever since. However, for a couple of years he headed the Graphic Design Department at Envy where he developed his skills across a variety of high end brand films and television projects.

With over 10 years of experience, he has worked for companies such as JWT, Burberry, Across the Pond, House of Greenland and New Moon, on projects for Google, Dove, Walls, Instagram, Nike and more. His strong compositing and animation skills have made him an ideal person to oversee complex creative briefs and he has become a very capable Creative Director.

Extremely professional, reliable, pro-active and an effective communicator, in 2012 Ibrahim won the IVCA corporate film award for visual effects for his ‘Saudi Aramco’ project with Wilder films. He is popular with clients and gets busy quickly plus his specific knowledge of Arabic and Middle Eastern typefaces has also proven helpful on several projects.

Recent clients include Channel 4, Mercedes, John Lewis, L’Oreal, NSPCC, Samsung, BBC, Fox, MTV, Yell, Barclaycard, Madame Tussauds, Natwest, Discovery, Sky Sports.

Mike Maxwell

Mike is an exceptional Creative Director, with a foundation in motion graphic design, editing and live action directing. His experience ranges across branding, TV commercials, music promos and corporate films.

Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Premier, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro and Avid, he is a versatile collaborator with extensive experience in production, scripting, storyboarding, post production and VFX.

Mike’s amiable personality makes him a pleasure to work with. Having spent 4 years running a post production company, he has strong experience in pitching and collaborating directly with clients to bring their creative ideas and objectives to life.

Recent clients include Saatchi and Saatchi, Redbull media, SKYY vodka, PWC, VISA, NFL Superbowl, VCCP, Kream, Unit, Pretzel, Salt. Among the various brands he has created for there are HSBC, Coca Cola, O2, Adidas, MTV, L’Oreal and Guinness.

Battlecat! Studios

Founded by London-based motion designer Philip Davies, Battlecat! Studios specialises in custom-made digital effects and illustrated short films.

Philip’s background is in traditional design and illustration and in his practice he like to explore the intersection between these disciplines and new technologies. Philip has eight years of experience working with film makers, production companies, musicians, artists and charities. He has produced Motion Graphics, Kinetic Typography, Animated Shorts, After Effects Character Rigs, Illustrative VFX and Multimedia Installations for everything from experimental live visuals to branded television content.

Paul Bridges

Paul is a senior designer and creative director, with years of knowledge in the industry. He has valuable insights into broadcasting, interactive TV and video for digital media, gained through past experiences working at Sky TV. His extensive background and portfolio have led Paul to produce programme titles, promos, pitches & corporate videos for clients both large and small including Barclays, Diageo and The Economist.

Paul is extremely popular with several of our clients due to his skills and also his great personality. He has the ability to work remotely in his own suite located in Hove or he thrives as part of a team.

His recent clients include Gravity Road, Outside Line, The Edge Picture Company, Havas, Greedy Media, BBC World Wide.

Roopinder Sood

Roop loves being on a project from start to finish. He is a creative polymath who our clients rely upon again and again. He is multifaceted in that he can produce, shoot, direct, edit, vfx supervise, motion design and grade. He has great management skills and is capable of working independently or heading up and organising large projects. His credits contain short films, music videos, commercials, corporate, documentary, children’s TV, current affairs and factual entertainment.

Roop has a thoughtful demeanour and delivers beautiful work.

Johny Mourgue

Johny started his career as a Graphic Designer working on record sleeves, shop fronts, and posters. This led him to develop a roster of clients in the music industry and expanded his love of print design into motion graphics to create tour visuals.

In 2004, he was signed to Flynn Productions, as a director and spent 10 years honing his skills as a director and combining motion graphics in his work. With this combination of skills and experience Johny is able to offer really dynamic visual solutions from concept to delivery.  He works with clients across a variety of sectors – synthesizing their needs and objectives, with innovative visual aesthetics, to create unique and engaging films.

Now Johny directs idents, promos and stings for well known brands.  He is proficient in Adobe’s full creative suite, In-design, Design Studio and Discreet Inferno. And his broad and capable skill set spans; storyboarding, writing, shooting, lighting, editing, compositing, 3D and 2D post and design.

Johny’s recent clients include: Whitecoat, Havas Worldwide, Cheil Europe, DesignBridge, The Telegraph Media Group, Kream, More creative, M-Integrated Solutions, W Communications, Budweiser, Channel 4 and Camel.

Henrik Sikstrom

One of our most experienced freelancers, Henrik is a versatile, humble and extremely talented polymath who works on a wide range of programmes, from drama and documentaries to music videos and commercials. He prides himself for having experienced celluloid and analogue workflows.

Dedicated, well organized and flexible with a good sense of humour, he works and communicates well under pressure and to tight deadlines. He is proficient in Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Motion, Steenbeck, Picsync, Moviola, 16 & 35mm, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor.

Henrik has a strong sense of narrative and structure and he is capable of creating distinctive looks and styles with his motion graphics skills. Clients who work with him tend to keep booking him on a regular basis. Recent clients include Deluxe Media Services, Quite Frankly Productions, The Edge Picture Company, All About the Idea, CC Lab, Discovery, ESPN EMEA, Blackbird Productions, CNN.

David Chaudoir

David is an award-winning creative director and senior motion graphic designer. He has created animations for Discovery History Night, Marks & Spencer and promos for Fox and National Geographic. In 2012, David directed a promo for ‘The Walking Dead’ which went viral and won awards at Kinsale and Promax.

A world of experience and a safe pair of hands, he has recently completed two shorts films, ‘Bad Acid’ and ‘Adonis and Aphrodite’, which he wrote and directed. During festival season, they had a successful run.

Skilled in Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere, Illustrator, Freehand, Design Studio & Discreet Inferno / Flame / Smoke (though not as an operator). David offers his services, including studio facilities, for collaboration with clients in London and internationally.

Recent clients include Flawless Media, Whitecoat, Havas Worldwide & Cheil Europe, VCCP, CNN, Kream, BenBen, Unit, M+C Saatchi, Connected Pictures, BBC Worldwide.


Jeremy Burdock

Jeremy has over 20 years experience in video production, delivering compelling and original content as a: Creative Director, Promo Producer, Editor and Motion Graphic Designer. He has taken a lead role in the development and delivery of programming for many leading brands within the games industry, broadcast and entertainment retail sectors.

A confident communicator with a genial manner who is able to bring empathy, imagination and enthusiasm to any given project. Jeremy takes a proactive approach to his work; seeking effective solutions through an application of experience, innovation and creative thinking.

Fast, consistent and resourceful, Jeremy is always striving for excellence in order to exceed clients’ expectations and satisfy his own high standards by delivering compelling and original content. His recent clients include Quite Frankly Productions, Merchant Cantos, World Television, Two Four Productions and Comedy Central.

Mark Holland

Mark is an Award-Winning Motion Designer, Art Director, Live Action Director and Editor.

He’s responsible for high profile TV sponsorship credits, broadcast and digital campaigns, channel branding and idents. He worked at Sky Sports for 13 years before going freelance, and has designed for BT Sport, AKQA, Brash Brands, HMX Media, DunlopGoodridge, Gillette, SureMen, Wolf Blass, Sky, Barclays and Amlin Insurance to name just a few.

He is a highly conceptual hands-on creative who thrives on taking projects from initial brief to final design. He still enjoys being on ‘the kit’ and is always happy to lead by example and from the front.

Mark’s desire is to always produce groundbreaking and innovative creative solutions.

Abi Tomasiewicz

Highly creative and equally motivated, Abi has experience in conceptualising, design, storyboarding, directing and overseeing all aspects of moving image production and post-production. Very good technical skills with the capacity of producing high-level content that answers a client’s brief individual components on time and on budget.

Adept at understanding clients demands and integrating their aspirations visually into projects that push innovation, creativity and are delivered to a high standard across multiple platforms, covering marketing, branding, traditional TVCs and digital content.

Nurbanu Asena

Nurbanu is a versatile and creative Artist / Director with a background in animation, illustration and documentary filmmaking.

She has expertise in delivering illustration, art direction, storyboarding, animation and editing services for editorial, commercial and social media works.

She likes to work on witty and colourful projects that are in touch with psychology, society, children and empowerment. She has worked for Lego, Science Museum, GE, Turkcell, Qatar Museum and Abu Dhabi Expo 2020.

She is an ex-New Yorker and Istanbulite but currently lives in London.

Matthew Lee

Matthew is an EMMY award winning Motion Graphics Designer and Animation Director. He has been working in the field of Motion Graphics for the last 10 years. Matthew has  many years professional industry experience including the role of head of Motion Graphics at BAFTA award winning studio Jellyfish Pictures.

Matthew is used to working in a hands on role focusing equally on design and animation aspects. He is confident working in multiple roles from intial ideas generation, liasing with the client, storyboarding, design, animation and direction.

Theo Gelernter

Self-taught Editor and Director Theo Gelernter (Theo Gee) was studying psychology at university when he discovered passion for film-making. After graduating, Theo cut his teeth at the CBBC working on their weekly music program The Official Chart Show. Music videos he directed and cut have been featured on platforms such as MTV and Kerrang! as well as being editor for ‘We Choose the Safest Way’ that was a health and safety film for ArcelorMittal. It won the 2018 Gold Cannes Award in the Corporate Film & Video category. His most recent video for The Fratellis also reached No.1 on the Itunes charts.

Past couple of years Theo spent in Connected Pictures and within two years went from Editor to Creative Director. While there, Theo was cutting internal films, TVCs, and online content for the range of clients including Virgin Trains, Pfizer, EasyJet /Unicef, Barclays, Visa, Molton Brown and many more.

Theo’s main kit is Adobe Premiere Pro, comfortable using After Effects and Photoshop as well, also  is currently learning Avid. Theo also writes and directs, his first short film “Amber” won Best Short Film at Nottingham ‘Oscars’ and made the official selection for LA Cineast, TMC London Film Festival and Indiewise Film Festival.

Nick Edwards

With a highly collaborative and engaging approach, Nick brings first-class creative and communication skills to projects. Working in TV, commercials, film and digital formats, Nick has a proven ability to bring projects to life. Over the span of his career he has worked in the top flight of all the disciplines he’s engaged with.

He’s as comfortable guiding teams of contributors as he is collaborating with directors, clients and outside suppliers, his aim is always to strive for the best possible creative solution.

Of course, he works in the world of brand guidelines and strict broadcast spec’s (he once had a music video rejected by the BBC’s compliance dept. for “Gratuitous use of crushed blacks”) But apart from the occasional miss-step, he’s trod the fine line between pushing the boundaries and being hauled up short very successfully.

Key to Nick’s success is his ability to create bespoke visuals and content with a range of tools including, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and FCP.

The depth of his knowledge across the industry, including camera, live-action, animation, set design, and the seemingly inexhaustible complexity of VFX and compositing, means that Nick is always able to make an idea work, delivering on time and on target.