Roopinder Sood

Roop loves being on a project from start to finish. He is a creative polymath who our clients rely upon again and again. He is multifaceted in that he can produce, shoot, direct, edit, vfx supervise, motion design and grade. He has great management skills and is capable of working independently or heading up and organising large projects. His credits contain short films, music videos, commercials, corporate, documentary, children’s TV, current affairs and factual entertainment.

Roop has a thoughtful demeanour and delivers beautiful work.

Jay Knowles

Jay has been working as freelance producer and director since 2016. Previous to this he was a video producer at BrightTALK Studios for 4 years, where he collaborated with key clients such as Barclays, Tesco, HSBC, Legal & General and Vanguard, creating videos and rich media content to help them achieve their marketing goals.

Extremely motivated and with a passion for video and for pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve, Jay enjoys working as part of a successful team, combining a highly professional and collaborative approach to achieve excellent results and quality output. Beyond commercial projects, he has also worked on a wide range of video and animation projects and has produced award-winning short films, such as Touched (2014) and Incognito (2015).

A problem solver who thrives on challenges, he employs a unique way of approaching projects to ensure that the end result is interesting and engaging. Recent clients include Dell, McAfee, Old Mutual, Wardour, AIC, Old Mutual Global Investors, J.P Morgan, Schroders, Fidelity and Aberdeen.



Tim Slessor

With over 15 years working in the industry, mainly as an editor, Tim is a highly experienced and creative filmmaker who has progressively expanded his focus into writing, shooting and directing.

Proficient in Adobe Premiere and conversant with Adobe After Effects, he has cut anything: from television commercials and broadcast programmes to film trailers, promos and branded content documentaries. His extensive experience also encompasses directing and supervising teams of editors and animators on a variety of projects.

Recent clients include CNN, BBC Worldwide, The Edge Picture Company, Imagination, Discovery, Merchant Cantos, Quite Frankly Productions, Sunset & Vine.

Outside the cutting room, Tim has written and co-directed several projects such as tourism campaign “Live, Love, Lebanon”, scripted and edited a segment of Channel 5’s “The Classic Car Show” and wrote for CNN’s colourful online mini-documentary platform “Great Big Story”.

He is also a highly accomplished stills photographer and is currently shooting the pilot for a comedy series he has created in collaboration with a long-time colleague, plus he has two more personal film projects in the works.

Daniel Danielsson

Equal parts a creative and technical artist, Daniel bridges the gap between Brief and Motion. The proud owner of an overactive imagination, a passionate heart and a curious mind, Daniel was born and raised in the rugged landscapes of Swedish Norrland but is now based just north of London.

His freelance career began in Sweden in 2011. The next year he moved to London for a VFX-Course at Escape Studios – just upstairs from our office – and followed this up with an internship at The Mill, then three years at Fall Off The Wall. Since mid-2016 he’s once again freelancing – indefinitely!

During his years in the industry Daniel has worked with some terrific brands and gained a heap of technical knowledge as well as valuable insight into branding, TV and digital advertising, brand communication and marketing. Recent clients include CBeebies, Sky, Lucozade, Viasat, King, BT Vision, Swedish Steel AB, Hummel, Nike and Dying Fetus.


Daniel Florêncio

Daniel is an award-winning filmmaker whose first short was long-listed for a BAFTA and whose recent feature debut ‘Chasing Robert Barker’ won an award at The National Film Awards for Best Drama. He also played a crucial role in the launch of Current TV in the UK as one of the main content producers.

His ability to craft beautifully told narratives and his sound understanding of what makes content powerful have turned him into a favourite among advertising agencies like Publicis, broadcasters like CNN, corporates like Merchant Cantos and online content producers like Across The Pond.

A native Portuguese speaker, Daniel is skilled in Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Media 100, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, Combustion, Motion. Recent Clients include Vice UK LTD, Merchant Cantos, CNN, Across the Pond Productions, The Edge Picture Company, VCCP London, Passion Pictures.

Phillip Whiteman

After starting his career as an actor, Phillip has transitioned behind the camera, working primarily as an editor but also producing, directing and operating cameras. His work has been screened across the world and he has won multiple awards for short films through Fyrian Films.

He is also an award-winning playwright who has produced touring theatre productions, two London shows including “Matthew Kelly’s run in The Seagull” and radio plays, and he has worked on TV and web series that have been sold internationally. His accolades include being on the Jury and selection committee at Toronto and Raindance Film Festivals.

Skilled in Premiere CC, Final Cut Pro, After FX – Phillip is well versed, among other things, in transcribing and subtitling videos and in full Youtube certification for video optimisation. Recent clients include Microsoft, Nestle, Unilever, Raindance, National Wild-Life Trust and Desperados.

Patrick Fenn

Patrick is an award winning editor, creating commercials and branded content for agencies and broadcasters alike. Patrick has directed short films as well as campaigns. Employing an intuitive approach to each project his style is dynamic, rhythmic and fun.

Patrick’s clients include; Netflix, Skoda, Maynards, Hewlett-Packard, DHL, BBC, Channel 4, NBC Universal, Coca-Cola, William Hill, IKEA and Barclays.

Johny Mourgue

Johny started his career as a Graphic Designer working on record sleeves, shop fronts, and posters. This led him to develop a roster of clients in the music industry and expanded his love of print design into motion graphics to create tour visuals.

In 2004, he was signed to Flynn Productions, as a director and spent 10 years honing his skills as a director and combining motion graphics in his work. With this combination of skills and experience Johny is able to offer really dynamic visual solutions from concept to delivery.  He works with clients across a variety of sectors – synthesizing their needs and objectives, with innovative visual aesthetics, to create unique and engaging films.

Now Johny directs idents, promos and stings for well known brands.  He is proficient in Adobe’s full creative suite, In-design, Design Studio and Discreet Inferno. And his broad and capable skill set spans; storyboarding, writing, shooting, lighting, editing, compositing, 3D and 2D post and design.

Johny’s recent clients include: Whitecoat, Havas Worldwide, Cheil Europe, DesignBridge, The Telegraph Media Group, Kream, More creative, M-Integrated Solutions, W Communications, Budweiser, Channel 4 and Camel.

Laurens Steenbergen

Laurens has studied Film and TV Science at the University of Amsterdam where he has also worked for Student TV Amsterdam. He also attended Screenwriting course at the UCLA in Los Angeles. Since completing his studies in 2000 he has been working freelance.

Fluent in both Dutch and English, Laurens has got the refined knowledge of where the ‘cutting edge’ is in any footage, as well as the narrative power. By nature, he is a good listener, helpful, insightful and hardworking and he has broad experience working with multiple creative systems and teams, graphic designers and facility houses.

Proficient on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, Laurens has good knowledge of Avid Symphony, AFX, Hal, Flame and Avid DS. He edited on True Blood’s launch campaign for FX, as well as working on TV commercials, trailers, promos, corporate films, short films and documentaries.

Recent clients include Whitecoat, Channel 5, Across the Pond, New Moon, Take 3 Media, The Edge Picture Company, MTV, National Geographic Channel and Pretzel Films.

Cristina Patiño Sheen

Originally from Peru, Cristina is a bilingual Director, Camera Operator and Editor, now residing in London. Extremely creative and with an incredible eye, Cristina is able to capture magical moments and construct compelling narratives.

She has worked for a number of years at the prestigious Cine 70 Films in Peru, editing national and international TV commercials for creative agencies such as Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson and Ogilvy and brands like Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Telefónica, Nescafé and BCP Bank.

Proficient in Final Cut Pro 7 & X, Adobe Premiere – her most notable work as a director is a compelling documentary series of 16 films, shot for the charity Amantani UK, titled ‘Meet My World’.  These ‘how-to’ films enable a group of indigenous children living in the Andes of Peru to share skills learnt from their family, which they wish to pass onto future generations. Such skills include fishing with bare hands and using vegetables to dye fabric. The films are quite beautiful, they’ve been showcased in cinemas around the world and have a celebrity backing. The children wrote the scripts themselves and Cristina worked tirelessly to help them achieve their vision and more.

Currently working on several promotional films and documentaries for UK and US based companies, Cristina is definitely one to watch. Recent clients include The Hospital Club, NHS, Amantani UK, Ceviche UK, EC Harris.

Darren Andrews

Darren is one of our busiest editors. Not only is he highly skilled in Premiere and FCP, with experience in the TV industry dating back to 1998 but he’s also very good when client facing. Darren’s main clients with Blueberry are from corporate as well as broadcasting agencies, but Darren’s talent and strong After Effects skills also make him an asset to branding agencies and online content production companies. We are yet to find a client who doesn’t rave about Darren after working with him!

Paul Burgess

Paul is a highly experienced, award-winning editor who has cut a wide range of documentaries, drama-docs, shorts, promos, trailers and taster tapes. He is extremely creative and passionate about his craft, working swiftly and with great attention to detail.

Skilled in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer, Paul is strong on structure, story-telling and writing and loves cutting to music. He is highly organized and enjoys collaborating but is also happy to work on his own.

He has worked for some of the UK’s leading production companies and made films for all major international broadcasters like BBC, PBS, ARTE, CBC, ZDR. His notable recent work includes Stephen Fry’s “Big Fat Adventure” for ITV and an episode of “The Traffickers” for Fusion USA.

See Paul’s CV for a detailed credit list.

Sean Ash

Sean is an energetic Director / Editor who can be tracked down by the trail of beautiful work he leaves in his wake. With extensive experience in commercials, music videos, fashion and brand films. Sean’s career beginnings were diverse – starting as a filmmaker for Greenpeace, he went on to work for Middle East Broadcasting, then worked for 5 years as a Creative Director creating onstage visuals for musician David Gray.

Sean’s campaign and advertising clients include: Gucci, Givenchy, Chanel, Chloé, Dior, Burberry, Miu Miu, Valentino, Versace, Dolce and Gabanna, Shiseido, Calvin Klein, Clé de Péau, YSL, Roberto Cavalli, Pepe Jeans, Giorgio Armani, Loewe, Longchamp, Stella McCartney and US Vogue.

Henrik Sikstrom

One of our most experienced freelancers, Henrik is a versatile, humble and extremely talented polymath who works on a wide range of programmes, from drama and documentaries to music videos and commercials. He prides himself for having experienced celluloid and analogue workflows.

Dedicated, well organized and flexible with a good sense of humour, he works and communicates well under pressure and to tight deadlines. He is proficient in Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Motion, Steenbeck, Picsync, Moviola, 16 & 35mm, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor.

Henrik has a strong sense of narrative and structure and he is capable of creating distinctive looks and styles with his motion graphics skills. Clients who work with him tend to keep booking him on a regular basis. Recent clients include Deluxe Media Services, Quite Frankly Productions, The Edge Picture Company, All About the Idea, CC Lab, Discovery, ESPN EMEA, Blackbird Productions, CNN.

Tom Hadley

Over his twenty year career span in the creative industries Tom has directed and edited for a broad range of clients, including global broadcasters like the BBC and Discovery, corporate clients like Reebok, UEFA and Onetel, and charities including Oxfam, Crisis and VSO.

He has spent roughly half of his career creating content for live events and exhibitions, becoming a regular at many London based production companies or working from the Hadley Brothers Studio located in London’s fashionable Stoke Newington.

Tom has cut and animated content for rock acts like Snow Patrol, Placebo and Jean Michel Jarre, exhibitions at Historic Royal Palaces and Tate Modern and theatrical projection for English National Opera, Royal National Theatre and Scottish Opera.

His strong theatrical filmmaking sensibilities mean that Tom has proven credentials for developing top line creative ideas with his many clients.

Mike Harris

Mike is an internationally established 360-degree moving image creative who has developed his renowned expertise over the past 16 years.

Mike typically works as a Director, Editor, Creative or Creative Director and often seamlessly weaves a combination of these roles on the same project. He is able to oversee projects from initial creative and pitch development right through to completion and delivery. Mike has also produced some projects up to a budget of £110K.


Mike has directed thrillingly a versatile body of work, shot in over 16 countries, and is equally at home with studio shoots, location shoots, VFX, lifestyle, sports, kids, visual, dialogue and interviews. Full directing portfolio available on request.

Brands Worked On Include: Google, Land Rover, Tesla, Thorpe Park, The Times, Ford, Madeira Tourism, Dixons, Sony, CNN, Clarks, Arts Council, Clarks, Rimmel, Sport England, Virgin Trains.


Primarily short form for TV Commercials, Brand Films, Branded Content.

Mike can also ‘in-house’ grade in Premiere or Davinci Resolve.

Brands Worked On Include: Land Rover, Tesla, Ford, Madeira Tourism, Virgin Trains, Fujitsu, Clarks, Virgin Trains, Clarks, Sports England, Saudi Aramco, Rolls Royce, Ford, UEFA, Coca-Cola, Asda, The Times, Mint Velvet, Mastercard.


Mike has worked on initial creative or creative development for a number of brand films and campaigns.

Overview of Brands Worked On:

Google, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Tesla Fujitsu, Blackberry, Thorpe Park, Nike, Vodafone, Ford, BT, Jaguar, Volvo, UEFA, Bravo TV, Madeira, Tourism, Puma, BBC, Coca-Cola, Atkins, Dixons, Sony, Sci-Fi Channel, Fox TV, JCOM, Sainsbury’s, Pepsi, Mini Velver, Ministry of Sound, Triumph, Nat Geo, CNN, The Body Shop, Nokia, Clarks, Mastercard, Arts Council, Rimmel, Virgin Trains.