Jonathan Stenton

Originally from Nottingham, Jonathan began his editing career at the BBC in 2009 and became freelance in 2011. London based now, Jonathan regularly cuts commercials for directors in California and Berlin, for clients such as Jaguar, Hewlett Packard and Glenlivet, whilst also carving his way in documentary and drama editing.

Jonathan has a strong flair for drama and comedy and has worked with British filmmaker Shane Meadows, firstly on the BAFTA award winning series ‘This Is England ’88’ and then again on the seminal Stone Roses documentary ‘Made of Stone’. Jonathan also edited the comedy short ‘My Jihad’ in 2013, which was then commissioned for a 4 part mini series on BBC iPlayer and aired in 2015. Most recently he has worked on projects for Fulwell 73 including ‘Sunderland ‘Til I Die’ for Netflix and ‘Sam Smith: The Thrill of it All’ for Apple Music.

Ed Bishop

Ed is a producer/director with almost 20 years of experience in all aspects of film and video production. His career path has been a comprehensive education in filmmaking. He started as a runner and then eventually progressed to Senior Editor before going freelance.

Since 2008, Ed has applied his experience and passion to creating content films for the digital space; with a specific focus on the commercial, corporate and charity sectors. In his spare time he makes short films, which have been shown at BAFTA and Oscar recognised festivals around the world.

Ed’s diverse experience makes him an excellent all-round film creative. He can offer clients complete production solutions, from concept to delivery. His resourcefulness and knowledge ensure a smooth process and smart solutions. Easy to get on with, Ed makes the production journey professional and he is focused on creating great film content.

Technically skilled, he uses the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, including Premiere, After Effects and Audition for his post. Camera-wise, he owns and runs a full documentary filming kit with lights and lenses.

Previous clients include brands like: Nike, Apple, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Universal, and HSBC. Ad agencies include: Havas, Grey, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and Mullen Lowe. Corporates include: Merchant Cantos, World Television and Quite Frankly.

Nick Hristou

Nick hails from the U.S. and has been editing freelance in London since 2008. His background in advertising for W+K Amsterdam has given him a broad range of experience that he brings to every project so he appreciates the collaborative effort with the producers in order to make sure the client is satisfied with the final edit. His working philosophy is simple: throw yourself into each project, have fun and work hard to get the best possible edit you can.

His experience ranges from corporate films to TVCs, film trailers to news documentaries, music videos to editing highlight reels at the 2012 London Olympics and everything in-between. His work has appeared on Cirque du Soleil’s screens in Las Vegas, in ads during the 2011 Champions League Final as well as in front of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 3D.

Skilled in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, DVD Studio Pro – recently, Nick’s “secret” career has been exposed as his voice was featured in the most recent ad campaign for Wrangler. Not only he is willing and able to take control of the edit but adds even more flavour as he can lend his voice to any project that needs emotive narration.

Working on a long form documentary was something he enjoyed tremendously, spurring him to make his mark in long form as well. He is frequently busy with a wide variety of clients that include Passion Pictures, Vice, Vice News, AKQA, Grey, CNN, Two Four Productions, Whitecoat, Vertical Productions, World Television, Havas Worldwide, ESPN EMEA, White Boat TV.

Robyn Wright

A resourceful and creative Editor with a great deal of experience in the broadcast television industry. Robyn is inspired by a creative challenge, she has a strong visual style, an intuitive sense of pace and rhythm and excellent story telling ability.

Robyn’s notable projects include, ‘Rebel Geeks – Give me Back My Data’ for Al Jazeera, ‘Animal Fight Night’ for Nat Geo and ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trip’ for BBC 1.

Robyn is a warm amiable person who works confidently across all documentary genres from observational, education, lifestyle, the arts and reality.

See Robyn’s CV for full credit list.

Tim Slessor

With over 15 years working in the industry, mainly as an editor, Tim is a highly experienced and creative filmmaker who has progressively expanded his focus into writing, shooting and directing.

Proficient in Adobe Premiere and conversant with Adobe After Effects, he has cut anything: from television commercials and broadcast programmes to film trailers, promos and branded content documentaries. His extensive experience also encompasses directing and supervising teams of editors and animators on a variety of projects.

Recent clients include CNN, BBC Worldwide, The Edge Picture Company, Imagination, Discovery, Merchant Cantos, Quite Frankly Productions, Sunset & Vine.

Outside the cutting room, Tim has written and co-directed several projects such as tourism campaign “Live, Love, Lebanon”, scripted and edited a segment of Channel 5’s “The Classic Car Show” and wrote for CNN’s colourful online mini-documentary platform “Great Big Story”.

He is also a highly accomplished stills photographer and is currently shooting the pilot for a comedy series he has created in collaboration with a long-time colleague, plus he has two more personal film projects in the works.

Gary Dalal

Gary is a highly experienced editor and animator, who is creative, organised and pays great attention to detail. His career is mainly in corporate productions, working for a wide variety of film and events companies, branding agencies and news channels all over London.

Gary’s work includes films for product launches and events, multi-source presentations, iPad apps, museums, product centres, TV graphics, commercials, and TV with clients including Merchant Cantos, Whitecoat, Flawless Media, VCCP London, Bright Talk and The Edge Picture Company. Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, DVD Studio Pro and C4D. Gary is diligent, responsible and fun to work with.

Joe Matthews

An experienced editor with a flair for style and narrative, Joe trained at the BBC and worked for ten years on primetime documentaries and dramas, as well as incisive current affairs programmes and arts films. After leaving the BBC, he continued to build up documentary and drama documentary credits for a variety of terrestrial and US broadcasters including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Discovery.

Joe’s strength lies in his ability to craft compelling drama whilst unpacking stories in new and interesting ways. He also excels at writing commentary and selecting top music choices. He believes in nurturing a strong spirit of collaboration in the edit to achieve the best working relationships and therefore the best possible programmes.

As well as editing, Joe has produced and directed several films for broadcast, including the critically acclaimed drama documentary ‘Bedlam – The History of Bethlem Hospital’ for HISTORY.  Joe brings this production experience to his edits and has a direct understanding of the challenges faced by directors and producers at the sharp end.

Kimaathi Spence

With nearly 20 years experience, Kimaathi is a highly experienced, practical and focused editor with proven creative and technical abilities. Story telling and grasp of narrative are his strong suit. His sunny character, keen sense of humor and sheer tenacity keep the toughest of edits an enjoyable experience. He is equally at ease working alongside the Producer/Director in the edit or self-directed and left alone with the rushes. Kimaathi has particular experience working on hard hitting, emotionally challenging subject matters and brings this sensitivity to all areas his work.

See Kimaathi’s CV for a detailed credit list.


Jonathan Cronin

Jonathan is an editor and filmmaker with a background in sound editing and photography. He started his career editing sound and working on critically acclaimed shows and films such as ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ and ‘Band of Brothers’ then progressed on to cutting news, docs and interviews for CNN, Al Jazeera and CNBC. He particularly enjoys putting a story together in the cutting room – letting interviews, archive film and audio, stills and music tell the story.

Skilled in Adobe Premiere, Avid and Final Cut, he always keeps up with new technology and methods – recently he is particularly excited about Apple’s FCPX and the new way it approaches editing, letting the user build databases and paper edits all within one system.

Working in sound has informed his development as a picture editor – he learned what sound can achieve subconsciously, and how powerful dialogue can be when used sparingly. Clients include CNBC, MPC, Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC News, Bloomberg, BskyB, Skywalker Sound, Harper Collins, T.M.Lewin, De Lane Lea, Fox TV, Médecins Sans Frontières and the Press Association.


Jonny Halifax

Jonny is a talented Motion Graphics Designer and  Editor based in London. Extraordinarily versatile, Jonny has proven track records in Film, Documentary, Corporate, Commercials and Trailers.  With an extensive experience in music and art film production, from Live and Promo’s to Documentaries.

His skilled in Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Jonny is an owner of Greasy Noise Recordings.

Tony Collins

Tony is an experienced offline and online broadcast editor. After starting as an in-house editor for an advertising agency, he then moved into editing film trailers. Tony is a fast and helpful editor with very solid technical knowledge who also has news editing and promo experience. He is also very strong on narrative and writing VO as well as music selection. In 2010 he achieved a Masters with distinction in Broadcast Journalism from Goldsmiths College. In 2014 he produced and directed an award-winning short film about the cyclist Eileen Sheridan. He is currently working on a Documentary feature about a Jazz musician.

Recent clients include: BBC, Channel 4, Cactus TV, Discovery, Tiger Aspect, ITV, ESPN, Sky Sports, Eurosport, ESPN.

See Tony’s CV for full credit list.

James Clayson

James is an editor with experience across a multitude of genres, but with a particular interest and aptitude for factual and documentary. A self starter, he  quickly worked his way up from runner, through the machine room and into editing.

A self confessed tech nerd, he is a fast, accurate and creative editor with a sound technical knowledge. He has gained a strong understanding of every aspect of the post production workflow, from ingest to delivery, in both tape based and tapeless systems. Plus his background in music production means that your soundtrack will always be thoughtfully selected and skillfully crafted to make your edit come to life.

Proficient in Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Photoshop, James is able to quickly grasp a subject and form a coherent narrative, presenting it with a visual flair that ensures all his projects are easy to understand and easy on the eye.

Always interested in finding new projects to be involved in, James derives a huge feeling of satisfaction from converting a client’s vision into reality. His confident and loquacious personality allow him to get on with anyone he works with and if you have to spend more than 10 hours in an edit suite with him, he might even make you laugh.

Recent clients include ITV, BBC, Channel 5, ITN Productions and Nine Lives Media.

See James’ CV for a detailed credit list.

Tom Canning

Tom is a London-based Writer/Director, Editor and Producer. Displaying a great skill for storytelling and connecting with the audience, Tom works in all stages of projects, from answering briefs all the way through to post-production. He likes to explore how the different facets of film production can best be used to engage the audience.

Experienced with DSLR and FS7/C300, and a long-time Editor now cutting on Adobe Premiere, Tom produces films with great coherence and is always sensitive to the message being communicated.

Over the last few years, he has worked with BBC Worldwide, CNN and various production companies both in London and Copenhagen on TVC, Branded Content films and documentaries, as well corporate work and his own drama projects.

In the last 18 months Tom has made films in Abu Dhabi, London, Argentina and Copenhagen and he’s keen to keep pursuing worldwide travel with his work.

Victoria Sankey

Being an editor has always been Victoria’s perfect job combining a long-standing love of creative thinking and writing with strong technical education and experience.

Skilled on Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere, she loves working with her colleagues to find innovative ideas to tell a story in an interesting, entertaining way tailored to the target audience. Every programme she has worked on has opened her eyes to fascinating new information and outlooks on subjects that grab her interest and gives her a renewed passion to express the narrative in her work.

Victoria always has a friendly, happy attitude combined with a strong work ethic, with an eye on the deadline to deliver an exceptional programme to be proud of.

Recent clients include:c Lion TV, 360 Production, Elephant House Productions, Brinkworth and ITV

Ben Harris

Ben has been working in post-production since 2009, teaching himself from scratch and slowly building his way up from runner to editor along the way. Alongside his professional career he often edits short films as a hobby on the side. He has strong proficiency in Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer and also has intermediate After Effects.

For the past 11 months, Ben has been working on a feature length documentary primarily as an Edit Assistant but has been managing the post-production workflow right from set to screen. Before this, he was editing an array of TV, Cinema and Online commercials, primarily for the music industry but has a strong background of social media content, mood and sizzle reels for all types of industries ranging from fashion and beauty to corporate.

He has worked closely with established clients such as Universal and Sony Music, Disney, BBH and CP&B and enjoys the collaborative nature of working as an editor. Ben prides himself on his speed and while very much enjoys the creative process of batting ideas around in the edit suite, is also happy to stick to a script and work alone.

Theo Gelernter

Self-taught Editor and Director Theo Gelernter (Theo Gee) was studying psychology at university when he discovered passion for film-making. After graduating, Theo cut his teeth at the CBBC working on their weekly music program The Official Chart Show. Music videos he directed and cut have been featured on platforms such as MTV and Kerrang! as well as being editor for ‘We Choose the Safest Way’ that was a health and safety film for ArcelorMittal. It won the 2018 Gold Cannes Award in the Corporate Film & Video category. His most recent video for The Fratellis also reached No.1 on the Itunes charts.

Past couple of years Theo spent in Connected Pictures and within two years went from Editor to Creative Director. While there, Theo was cutting internal films, TVCs, and online content for the range of clients including Virgin Trains, Pfizer, EasyJet /Unicef, Barclays, Visa, Molton Brown and many more.

Theo’s main kit is Adobe Premiere Pro, comfortable using After Effects and Photoshop as well, also  is currently learning Avid. Theo also writes and directs, his first short film “Amber” won Best Short Film at Nottingham ‘Oscars’ and made the official selection for LA Cineast, TMC London Film Festival and Indiewise Film Festival.