Patrick Fenn

Patrick is an award winning editor, creating commercials and branded content for agencies and broadcasters alike. Patrick has directed short films as well as campaigns. Employing an intuitive approach to each project his style is dynamic, rhythmic and fun.

Patrick’s clients include; Netflix, Skoda, Maynards, Hewlett-Packard, DHL, BBC, Channel 4, NBC Universal, Coca-Cola, William Hill, IKEA and Barclays.

Erica Lee

With over 20 years of experience in both long and short form, Erica is a dedicated editor of documentaries, commercials and promos. She loves the faster pace of promos and ads; as well as the gentle unravelling narrative in documentaries. Keen to have editorial input, she collaborates well with producers and directors. However she also gets the job done quickly and effectively when left to her own devices.

Skilled in Avid and Premiere, she is creative, methodical and precise, noticing details no one else sees. Music is amongst her many strengths and passions and features prominently in her work. Notable projects include: ‘Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough: Reef Diaries’ for BBC1, ‘Amy Winehouse: The Untold Story’ for Channel 5 and the viral video to promote ‘Grand Designs’ 100th episode.

Adept at jumping straight in whether at the rough cut or polishing stage, Erica is the go to person when you want someone who cares. She has received praise from Atlantic Productions. Molinaire Hoxton and Sir David Attenborough himself.

Paul Berry

Paul is a fast and creative editor having built up years of experience cutting documentary  and factual series for UK and US broadcasters, as well as feature films and short form promos. A favourite for many clients including Arrow Media, Windfall Films, Sky and the BBC.

One of his projects for the BBC ‘What Is Not Said’ was runner up Documentary of the Year at The Foreign Press Association Media Awards 2010.

Paul has a knack for storytelling and great visual flair. He’s equally happy working with a team, or alone with his own creative decisions. Paul is a great ambassador for Blueberry, calming, enthusiastic, hardworking and dedicated to deliver a finished project.


Murat Yusuf

Hailing from Cyprus, Murat is an award winning, versatile and creative editor. He is warm, welcoming and an asset in any edit suite.

Murat loves property and makeover shows as well as observational, art and gadget shows. His notable projects include ‘Countryfile’ for BBC1, ‘Escape to the Continent’ for BBC2, ‘Great British Property Scandal’ for Channel 4 and an array of episodes of ‘How Do They Do It’ for Discovery and Channel 5.

Equally confident working alongside the Producer/Director in the edit suite or by himself, he has a strong sense of narrative and structure as well as an eye for detail. As well as being fast in an edit suite Murat is very creative and capable of creating slick graphic/title sequences. Murat always brings a sensitive approach to every project he works on, whatever the genre.

Juan Fernando Pinzon Moreno

Originally from Colombia, Juan has over a decade of experience in TV, films, corporate and documentaries as self-shooter, director and editor. With a degree in Film and Television, his career started with the dream of being a director and he had the amazing opportunity to produce and direct a documentary about the indigenous Tikuna people in the Amazon.

Skilled in Final cut 7 and X (all suite), Adobe Premiere CC, After FX (basic), Photoshop – he has more recently focused on working in corporate and documentaries alongside blue chip companies. His work experiences have boosted his creativity, having been able to shoot in a huge variety of locations, from the Amazon Rain Forest to an air-traffic control tower at a London airport. With the freedom of filming and editing his own content, Juan can offer a unique perspective that stands out and captures the attention of viewers.

He was Assistant Director on award winning documentary ‘The Origin of the Tikuna People’ which was recognised at an international level, and he directed social awareness commercials broadcasted on national television and nominated for national awards in Colombia. Recent clients include In the Dark Productions, Airview Group (Colombia), London Stansted, The Sun News paper, Diaego and Philips.

Zoran Trajkovic

Zoran started off as an Avid Engineer and then moved into feature films as an editor for The Weinstein Company in New York. With over 10 years of experience, now based in London, Zoran specialises in editing long form factual entertainment, working on programmes broadcast on the BBC, Channel 4 and Al Jazeera.

He has an in-depth working knowledge of Avid, Final Cut Pro and Premiere, but he believes that it’s the ability to tell a good story that comes first, using the tools at hand to convey that story as effectively as possible.

With his editing experience as a strong foundation, in his spare time Zoran directs and edit short films, some of which have been shown in festivals around the world – ‘Kickoff’ won ‘Best British Short’ at the UK Film Festival and reached the top 5 in the Sundance Film Competition. He also completed a music video for the band Vienna In Love which was screened on MTV and featured in the top 20 on the MTV Adria charts.

Dominic O’Riordan

Dominic works across Music Promos, TVC’s, Online Content, Documentary, Sport and Fashion. His music video work includes promos for Little Mix, Leona Lewis, JLS, Olly Murs, Jagga, The Beach and Kodaline.

He also has vast commercial experience producing TVC’s and online content for Sony Electronics, Garnier, Ann Summers, Bacardi, SKY, Sony Music and Universal to name just a few.

Although a highly talented Director, Dominic also loves to come on board a project in the capacity of editor, helping clients to realise their vision.

Marco Ruffatti

An award-winning film and TV editor, Marco has over fifteen years experience across commercials, documentaries and scripted drama.

Marco is an intuitive and highly collaborative editor. He approaches each project with a storyteller’s eye, and his passion for music shows through his lyrical editing style. Marco is highly adaptable and fast with a deep understanding of workflow garnered from his years running a boutique post house in Shoreditch. This, coupled with his long-time passion for fictionalised drama, makes him a versatile collaborator, attentive to detail, and extremely self organised and independent.

Marco has been based in London since 1999 earning an MA in Art and Media Practice at Westminster University. He continues to pursue his passion for both short and long form drama and broadcast TV shows.

A testimonial from EP David McNab at World Media Rights states that Marco “instinctively understands how to construct drama and knows how to weave it with documentary without losing tension. He’s great with music and has enough visual tricks up his sleeve to keep you gripped.”

Jonathan Kelly

Jonathan has been editing professionally since 1996. He is a real team player, enthusiastically contributing to any project and working well under pressure.

Equally fluent with Final Cut Pro and Avid, using all Avid applications, he has a good sense of storytelling and narrative rhythm, making him very much an “editors’ editor”.

With background interests in photography, film, writing and music, Jonathan is happy to cut a wide range of genres. He has a particular passion for comedy, drama, politics and history, with a love of archive footage and a sharp eye for detail.

Recent clients include Pioneer Productions, Betty TV, Oxford Scientific Films, Zig Zag, Firecracker, Wall To Wall, ITN, Wag TV, Discovery.

Phillip Whiteman

After starting his career as an actor, Phillip has transitioned behind the camera, working primarily as an editor but also producing, directing and operating cameras. His work has been screened across the world and he has won multiple awards for short films through Fyrian Films.

He is also an award-winning playwright who has produced touring theatre productions, two London shows including “Matthew Kelly’s run in The Seagull” and radio plays, and he has worked on TV and web series that have been sold internationally. His accolades include being on the Jury and selection committee at Toronto and Raindance Film Festivals.

Skilled in Premiere CC, Final Cut Pro, After FX – Phillip is well versed, among other things, in transcribing and subtitling videos and in full Youtube certification for video optimisation. Recent clients include Microsoft, Nestle, Unilever, Raindance, National Wild-Life Trust and Desperados.

Rick Moore

Rick has worked in the industry since 1999. He’s an experienced Avid Editor and has worked across a wide range of genres; including children’s, daytime, elimination, factual, food, features,  promos and sports. Rick is also comfortable using After Effects and Pro Tools. He is able to cope with tight deadlines and last minute changes. With a creative approach to solving technical problems and keen desire to create innovative and arresting television. Rick is capable of making independent and creative decisions in response to the client’s brief.

Some of his recent clients include: Love, Maverick, Mentorn and Renegade.

See Rick’s CV for a full credit list.

Sharon Hedges

Sharon is a highly qualified talented broadcast editor who’s experience working in the TV industry spans over 20 years. With a BA Hons degree in Radio, Film, Television and Music Sharon has a deep passion for editing.

Throughout her career Sharon has worked mainly on live broadcast shows – including News and Daytime television. Sharon has the ability to be creative, work calmly under pressure and she can be left to edit and produce on her own. Yet she also enjoys collaborating with producers to create compelling VTs, strands and features to broadcast technical standards. She has earned a reputation for her speedy editing and fast turnarounds of footage.


Jack Abbot

Jack is an accomplished Offline Editor with a wide range of experience across branded content, documentary, music promo and comedy, who prides himself on his creative flair and ability to piece together compelling narratives.

Proficient using Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and Final Cut (7 and X), he is adaptable to all sorts of professional situations and ready to jump into projects head on.

Always an enthusiast, Jack loves nothing more than getting stuck in his subject matter and learning as much as he can about it, resulting in work that is immersive, engaging and full of character.

Recent clients include BBC, EA Sports, Google, EE, C4, Red Bull and BAFTA.

See Jack’s CV for a detailed credit list.

Holly Triggs

Holly worked in music production for advertising, broadcasting and video games before retraining in Editing at The Met Film School. She spent the next two years training under a film editor and a documentary editor while freelancing.

Holly was staff editor at a Digital Media agency for 6.5 years, creating content for corporate clients such as BP, Eastman, Corning and 3M, and also producing shoots for the last 3 years. She has also worked professionally as a photographer over the last year, with a focus on food events.

Holly is passionate about creating striking visual content and loves finding the story and weaving a strong narrative. She is a natural and creative problem solver, who goes the extra mile and always strives to exceed expectation. Her work has been shown in the Turner Contemporary Gallery Margate.


Richard Newlands

Richard has been a freelance editor for 15 years, cutting documentaries and factual entertainment programmes for UK broadcasters BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. Having worked to tight deadlines throughout this time, he is used to thinking fast. He can happily work alongside a producer or be trusted to work alone.

Richard loves cutting pictures together and making them work with music; he also understands the importance of audio in general when making a television programme and the sound design across the board, from music to the atmos recorded alongside picture. He is strong with the editorial process, too, and actively participates in the choosing of sync and following a story through from inception to completion.

Richard’s degree was in Art History and Media Production and that was where he first started editing and his love of television and film began. He still adores working on, watching and reading about both.

Matt Ashton

An Offline and Online editor with over 20 years of experience using Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro 7. Matt has been working for Channel 4, Channel 5, Discovery and BBC editing Documentaries, Music Documentaries and Factual Entertainment. He also has extensive knowledge of Davinci Resolve and Baselight plugin, and uses them regularly to grade documentaries, commercials, and online films. Motion graphics and effects compositing has also become an important part of his skillset as he often utilises After Effects and Fusion for effects/animation heavy projects. He has a strong eye for detail and excellent story telling ability, and is especially strong with sensitive and hard-hitting material.