Aaron Wheeler

Aaron is a Junior editor and motion graphic designer, working as a freelancer since 2017. Having a strong understanding of both audio production and motion graphics has given him a wide variety of tools to help tell stories. Having originally started creating short films as a child, Aaron has been developing as both an editor and story teller for many years. In 2015, Aaron started a video production apprenticeship with the Telegraph Media Group, working as a junior creative, editor and motion designer across the commercial and editorial video departments.

With a great knowledge of Adobe Premiere, Audition and After Effects, Aaron excels in editing fast paced, high energy projects but believes the true skill in editing is the ability to reveal a stories information at the perfect moment, maximising audience’s engagement.

Jodie Costin

Jodie spent several years at ENVY, working her way up from Runner to Machine Room Manager – where she led a team of Edit Assistants as they worked to tight deadlines for high profile broadcast clients such as BBC, 4Creative, Raw TV and Studio Lambert.

Jodie excels at logical organisation and thorough communication, technical understanding and problem solving. 

Now she is solidly working towards her career goal of documentary editing.  Recently she’s been making a brilliant impression as Edit Assistant on productions such as ‘The Great British Bake Off’, ‘Surgeons: At the Edge of Life’ and ‘BBC Proms’.

Aoife Hawe

Aoife is a multi-disciplinary creative who specializes in short form video content. A confident editor who also possesses a first class degree in VFX and animation, Aoife is always on the hunt for the next project or challenge that will put her ever-growing list of skills to the test.

Proficient with Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Maya and Nuke there isn’t a software package or skill Aoife isn’t happy to get hands on with. Previous clients include BBC Studios, Top Gear, Doctor Who, BBC Earth and Little Dot Studios amongst others.

Sema Basharan

Sema has worked as an Assistant Editor across drama and factual.  She is an alumna of  The Grierson Trust’s renowned DocLab In Focus: Editing programme.  Supported by Netflix, this competitive training scheme provides extensive mentoring in storytelling through the edit.

Sema is an engaged storyteller who can identify that flash of gold in the rushes / archive, adding value to a sequence.  A crucial sounding board in narrative discussions, she is unafraid to voice her opinion and offers valuable insights. Most recently Sema assisted the Editor Andrew Rushton, on Netflix’s upcoming feature documentary ‘Hell Camp’.

As well as editing, Sema has also produced and directed short documentaries – all of which have won festival awards.  Her debut film was acquired and broadcast by BBC South West on ‘Inside Out’ (2020).  Sema had a film premiere at Sheffield Docfest 2021, and in 2022 she was invited back as part of an exclusive filmmaking initiative run by Asif Kapadia.

Sema is an invaluable asset to projects.  She has a calm, easy going attitude matched with a meticulous eye for detail.

Christie Allanson

Christie has experience as an offline editor,  cutting documentaries through her own company Shut Out The Light .  These focus on political/cultural topics and have been shown in cinemas and are available on BFI player. She is completely self taught.  Her goal is to gain more industry experience, booking assembly/junior editing jobs so she can progress to offline editing.

Christie was part of the renowned Grierson DocLab scheme in 2021, and since then has worked on broadcast projects, progressing with each.  From Edit Assistant with The Garden on ’24 Hours in A&E’, to Assistant Editor on ‘Claridges Megabuild’ and then Assembly Editor with Studio Lambert on ‘Race Across the World’ and finally to Junior Editor on “Alone”.