Beth Allan

Beth offers the unique combination of in depth technical knowledge and individual creative flair. This is best showcased in her work as a colourist, where she has a proven record of being able translate a production’s vision into a polished final product with accuracy. She also uses her up to date technical knowledge, gained from working in a mix of high end and boutique post production facilities since 2010, to support the offline and online process. Thinking laterally she is able to assist any type of production with robust workflow implementation and first class technical support.

Previous clients include the BBC, Channel 4 and Sundance winning feature doc, Three Identical Strangers.

Aaron Wheeler

Aaron is a Junior editor and motion graphic designer, working as a freelancer since 2017. Having a strong understanding of both audio production and motion graphics has given him a wide variety of tools to help tell stories. Having originally started creating short films as a child, Aaron has been developing as both an editor and story teller for many years. In 2015, Aaron started a video production apprenticeship with the Telegraph Media Group, working as a junior creative, editor and motion designer across the commercial and editorial video departments.

With a great knowledge of Adobe Premiere, Audition and After Effects, Aaron excels in editing fast paced, high energy projects but believes the true skill in editing is the ability to reveal a stories information at the perfect moment, maximising audience’s engagement.

Ted Keating

Shortly after completing his BSc and MSc courses in Music Technology and Sound Engineering, Ted was able to secure work within the Post Production industry at ‘The Farm Group’. After three years there, Ted has since gone freelance and he is working as an Edit Assistant and Editor. During this time Ted has worked on many projects, both in house and on location for an almost entirely documentary based clientele. Ted is also Directing and Editing a long-form documentary, monitoring the progress of Zach Washington-Young, a young man who was paralyzed in a coach crash due to a 20 year old tyre. Zach was told by doctors he would never walk again, only to complete the London marathon 6 years later, highlighting the greater need for innovative spinal rehabilitation and safety of tyres on public transport.

Elliott Chyi

Elliott Chyi is an up and coming London based video/film editor with over 4 years of experience. He is a versatile editor in Adobe Premiere, also confident with AVID, Da Vinci and FCPX. He also has motion graphics skills and can work with After Effects to a high level, as well as experiences with assisting/conforming/turning over projects.

Elliott has worked with a wide range of high-end clients, including Financial Times, Pulse Films, VICE, Memrise, JLL, Pirate Studios, LEGO, Dirty Films, Bullion Films etc. He’s also bilingually versed in Mandarin, which enables him to cut/subtitle/consult foreign language content as well.

Aside from working as an editor he also works as a DIT on high-end music promos/commercials, having worked with a dozen award-winning DOPs on high spec projects.

Elliott currently specialises in music content, branded docs, and high-end corporates, also have experiences working on narrative pieces. He is always open to new opportunities & collaborations!

Aoife Hawe

Aoife is a multi-disciplinary creative who specializes in short form video content. A confident editor who also possesses a first class degree in VFX and animation, Aoife is always on the hunt for the next project or challenge that will put her ever-growing list of skills to the test.

Proficient with Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Maya and Nuke there isn’t a software package or skill Aoife isn’t happy to get hands on with. Previous clients include BBC Studios, Top Gear, Doctor Who, BBC Earth and Little Dot Studios amongst others.