Jasmina Perovsek

Jasmina is a London based Freelance graphic designer and a founder of Mina Space Ltd; specialising in both print and digital design, branding and visual identity.

For the past 9 years, Jasmina has worked with a diverse range of clients from small independent companies to global brands.

Jasmina’s goal is to help clients on their journey from concept to final production by adding true value and meaning through in-depth understanding, commitment and observation. Driven by simplicity, clarity and thoughtful design.

Megan Abbott

A senior motion graphics designer with over ten years of experience, Megan has a reputation for creating dynamic and effective motion graphics. She was originally trained as a graphic designer and often takes on projects from that perspective. She finds that this helps her to produce thoughtful and well-crafted products.

Megan is skilled in Compositing, Character Animation, Color Grading, Illustrator, and After Effects. She has overseen projects from conception and storyboarding to designing and delivering well-executed videos. Her extensive knowledge also allows her to lead teams of motion/3D designers, animators, and artists at all levels of experience.


Kamran Khan

Over the past 8+ years, Kamran has been creating and delivering ideas for both corporate and commercial clients. He is a multi-skilled creative with an established and proven track record of successfully delivering projects at a senior level, either within a creative agency or part of an in-house team.

Kamran’s skillset includes Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro and currently adding Cinema 4D.

Kamran’s recent client’s list includes Legal & General, Quilter, Procter & Gamble, Elvi, Seafarers UK Charity, Adidas, British Airways, Credit Suisse, O2, L’Oreal, BMO, USI Money, Gas Safe Register.

Nick Edwards

With a highly collaborative and engaging approach, Nick brings first-class creative and communication skills to projects. Working in TV, commercials, film and digital formats, Nick has a proven ability to bring projects to life. Over the span of his career he has worked in the top flight of all the disciplines he’s engaged with.

He’s as comfortable guiding teams of contributors as he is collaborating with directors, clients and outside suppliers, his aim is always to strive for the best possible creative solution.

Of course, he works in the world of brand guidelines and strict broadcast spec’s (he once had a music video rejected by the BBC’s compliance dept. for “Gratuitous use of crushed blacks”) But apart from the occasional miss-step, he’s trod the fine line between pushing the boundaries and being hauled up short very successfully.

Key to Nick’s success is his ability to create bespoke visuals and content with a range of tools including, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and FCP.

The depth of his knowledge across the industry, including camera, live-action, animation, set design, and the seemingly inexhaustible complexity of VFX and compositing, means that Nick is always able to make an idea work, delivering on time and on target.