Sam Kerridge

An experienced Motion Graphics Designer and Animator, Sam has been working freelance since 2008, using a combination of design packages to accomplish the goals of each creative brief – proficient with Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, InDesign, and Flash.

He has earned his BA (Hons) in Illustration and his Foundation in Art and Design at the Camberwell College of Arts and he is also an accomplished and experienced Illustrator, working comfortably by hand or digitally.

Sam has professional experience employing his illustration work at many levels of the design process, whether it is sketching ideas or storyboarding, right through to character design/animation and background art to be used for digital interactives or broadcast. Recent clients include Whitecoat Productions Ltd, BBC, Wilder Films, Spudnick Productions, Unit, The Bank, Fifty Nine Productions.

Pierre Griffin

Pierre is an editor with over 20 years of experience in broadcast and corporate production, who has won awards for editing as well as animation.  Pierre returned to freelancing after working as Head of Post at VCCP and Head of Content at Designate, where he founded a new department with its own video production unit and post-production facility.

Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and After Effects among others, he started out as a 2D animator on Matador and CoSa, when Adobe were the new kids on the block. From mood reels and animatics to producing and directing, Pierre has the level of experience to make sure his clients achieve the maximum from their production budget.

He has clocked over 500 TV commercials for broadcast in the US, EMEA and the UK and he has enjoyed a wide berth of experience managing large teams, designing campaign strategies and creative-directing online content from the pre-production stage to final delivery.

Recent clients include Whitecoat, R/GA, Kinamo, VCCP London, National Geographic Channel, Mighty Fine Productions, CNN and Greedy Media.

Alex Burton

Alex is a Motion Graphic Designer based in London, specialising in 2D and 3D motion design, including video editing, graphic design, digital design and audio production.

Fluent in Adobe After Effect and Cinema 4D, he has over 6 years of experience in the industry, working for the best advertising agencies in the world for some of the biggest brands. Whether creating premium 2D/3D animations for MINI, Hyundai and Shell or shooting and editing bespoke stop motion content for Dominos and Lipton’s all his work is crafted with precision and flair.

Alex confidently communicates and produces innovative, creative, concept-driven work and he prides himself on imaginative thinking and close attention to detail. He has great vision and is constantly working to learn new skills and better his craft.

A great team player, who is passionate about what he does, Alex always puts himself 100% in every project and is great fun to work with. His projects include work for brands such as Samsung, Lipton, Glenfiddich, Domino’s, Barclays, Mini Cooper, Hyundai and Shell Ferrari.


Marsio Bellizzi

Marsio is a Motion Graphics Designer currently based in London and Manchester. He has 10 years of experience in advertising, broadcast, branding and digital. Marsio been working on projects for brands such as MTV, Coca Cola, HSBC, Diageo, Lucozade, Nespresso, Kellog’s, Ticketmaster and many others. Marsio always tries to visualize ideas. Marsio likes working through all the different stages of a project, from concept design to compositing and animation. The main tools that Marsio uses are After Effects, Cinema 4d, Arnonld and Redshift.

Ogo Okpue

Ogo Okpue is an award-winning London based filmmaker and multi-disciplinary designer.

Ogo has always dreamt of a career in the arts and media. From the start of his career, he has provided creative services for global brands in diverse sectors such as telecommunications, finance, fashion, sports and entertainment; mainly as a creative and multi-disciplinary designer.

He works for top broadcast and production companies in the UK such as BBC, SKY, NBC UNIVERSAL, A&E NETWORKS etc. offering his expertise in branding, motion graphics, design direction and 3d animation.


Ross Smith

Ross is a superb 2D and 3D Designer who can also put pen to paper and illustrate by hand. The fact that he is repeatedly asked back everywhere he gets booked is testament to his ability to work well with clients and deliver quality work.

Being also a confident Premiere editor and an experienced Visual Effects Supervisor with an in-depth understanding of production and post production work flow, including stereoscopic, makes Ross an asset since he’s able to offer valuable insight on projects.

Proficient with AFX, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator and Cinema 4D to name just a few, he is capable of seeing any part of a project through from concept to delivery. His skills are 2D & 3D Animation, motion graphics, filming, editing, visual effects, Illustration, pitching, storyboarding, colour correction, branding & directing. Recent clients include Merchant Cantos, Mighty Fine Productions, Whitecoat, CNN, Quite Frankly Productions, Salt TV, Kream, Pretzel Films, BBC Worldwide.


Gary Dalal

Gary is a highly experienced editor and animator, who is creative, organised and pays great attention to detail. His career is mainly in corporate productions, working for a wide variety of film and events companies, branding agencies and news channels all over London.

Gary’s work includes films for product launches and events, multi-source presentations, iPad apps, museums, product centres, TV graphics, commercials, and TV with clients including Merchant Cantos, Whitecoat, Flawless Media, VCCP London, Bright Talk and The Edge Picture Company. Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, DVD Studio Pro and C4D. Gary is diligent, responsible and fun to work with.

Tiago Higgs

Tiago is a Motion Designer and 3D Artist from Portugal, who has been actively working since 2007 in branding, broadcast and digital. Just 3 months into his first job the need for bigger things compelled him to move to London where he gathered experience working both freelance and full time.

He has worked for studios such as Superfad, Whitecoat, Redbee, DixonBaxi and Vice, doing dozens of international channel rebrands and advertisement. Never shying away from learning new ways, his objective in the craft is to work for meaningful projects and help clients take it to the next level.

As a Generalist, Tiago can incorporate himself in most creative environments, whether it’s 2D minimalistic animation or 3D animation for broadcast or film, he always finds his place, though by nature he leans more towards design than VFX. He’s fluent in After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Arnold and some bits of UVlayout and Substance Painter.

Recent clients include King, Rovio, Microsoft, Samsung, Orange, Channel 4 Music, Comedy Central, BMW, Lexus, Chevrolet, MTV, American Express.

Yena Jeon

Originally from South Korea, Yena moved to England and became a Motion Graphics Designer. She has a high level of After Effects, character animation, compositing, reversioning skills, as well as being able to use Premiere and Basic Cinema 4D.

In South Korea, Yena has some experience with working on some Korean Pop videos, as well as she did some compositing, design and Motion Graphics. After working for a while for a production company in the UK, she decided to move onto character animation, motion graphics, compositing, design and storyboarding.

Her recent work was for McDonald’s – she created a digital menu board and takeover videos. She also works on social media content.

Elliott Chyi

Elliott Chyi is an up and coming London based video/film editor with over 4 years of experience. He is a versatile editor in Adobe Premiere, also confident with AVID, Da Vinci and FCPX. He also has motion graphics skills and can work with After Effects to a high level, as well as experiences with assisting/conforming/turning over projects.

Elliott has worked with a wide range of high-end clients, including Financial Times, Pulse Films, VICE, Memrise, JLL, Pirate Studios, LEGO, Dirty Films, Bullion Films etc. He’s also bilingually versed in Mandarin, which enables him to cut/subtitle/consult foreign language content as well.

Aside from working as an editor he also works as a DIT on high-end music promos/commercials, having worked with a dozen award-winning DOPs on high spec projects.

Elliott currently specialises in music content, branded docs, and high-end corporates, also have experiences working on narrative pieces. He is always open to new opportunities & collaborations!

Ibrahim Ahmed

Ibrahim is a 2D and 3D Motion Graphics Designer specialising in content for internal corporate films, on-air branding and online digital signage, who has designed elements for various promos, indents and international broadcast.

After graduating with a BA Honours in Moving Image Design from Ravensbourne in 2005, he signed with Blueberry in the same year and has worked with us ever since. However, for a couple of years he headed the Graphic Design Department at Envy where he developed his skills across a variety of high end brand films and television projects.

With over 10 years of experience, he has worked for companies such as JWT, Burberry, Across the Pond, House of Greenland and New Moon, on projects for Google, Dove, Walls, Instagram, Nike and more. His strong compositing and animation skills have made him an ideal person to oversee complex creative briefs and he has become a very capable Creative Director.

Extremely professional, reliable, pro-active and an effective communicator, in 2012 Ibrahim won the IVCA corporate film award for visual effects for his ‘Saudi Aramco’ project with Wilder films. He is popular with clients and gets busy quickly plus his specific knowledge of Arabic and Middle Eastern typefaces has also proven helpful on several projects.

Recent clients include Channel 4, Mercedes, John Lewis, L’Oreal, NSPCC, Samsung, BBC, Fox, MTV, Yell, Barclaycard, Madame Tussauds, Natwest, Discovery, Sky Sports.

Diego Ghirardo

Originally from Italy, Diego is a senior motion graphic designer now based in London. After studying Print Design and Photography in Scotland, he was employed to work for a German advertising company. During his 5 years there, he worked on campaigns for brands such as Seat. At this point, Diego  developed interest in Motion Graphics. He is a perfectionist and loves working; once he gets involved in a project he fully commits to it.

Since moving to London, Diego has worked at Superfad, where he developed his skills as Motion Designer and is now and expert in Cinema 4D. His area of expertise are Corporate, Branding and Advertising projects.

His recent clients include Cartoon Network, Red Bull, AXN, Disney, BBC, William Hill, Relentless and Playboy.

Daniel Shirley

Daniel is a superb 2D and 3D Designer who can also put pen to paper and illustrate by hand. He has a strong eye for artistic style and is very confident when generating new ideas. His wide experience includes over 8 years of design work in-house and with known brands.

Proficient with AFX, Photoshop, Illustrator and Tvpaint to name just a few, Daniel is capable of seeing any part of a project through from concept to delivery. His skills are 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, filming, editing, visual effects, illustration, pitching, storyboarding, colour correction, branding and directing.

One of his biggest assets is the ability to learn and adapt fast. He builds a great rapport with all his clients, always comes with a glowing reference and he is asked back. Recent clients include Pizza Express, Sky, Honda, Fox, Bleacher Report, and Trainline.

Matthew Lee

Matthew is an EMMY award winning Motion Graphics Designer and Animation Director. He has been working in the field of Motion Graphics for the last 10 years. Matthew has  many years professional industry experience including the role of head of Motion Graphics at BAFTA award winning studio Jellyfish Pictures.

Matthew is used to working in a hands on role focusing equally on design and animation aspects. He is confident working in multiple roles from intial ideas generation, liasing with the client, storyboarding, design, animation and direction.

Nick Edwards

With a highly collaborative and engaging approach, Nick brings first-class creative and communication skills to projects. Working in TV, commercials, film and digital formats, Nick has a proven ability to bring projects to life. Over the span of his career he has worked in the top flight of all the disciplines he’s engaged with.

He’s as comfortable guiding teams of contributors as he is collaborating with directors, clients and outside suppliers, his aim is always to strive for the best possible creative solution.

Of course, he works in the world of brand guidelines and strict broadcast spec’s (he once had a music video rejected by the BBC’s compliance dept. for “Gratuitous use of crushed blacks”) But apart from the occasional miss-step, he’s trod the fine line between pushing the boundaries and being hauled up short very successfully.

Key to Nick’s success is his ability to create bespoke visuals and content with a range of tools including, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and FCP.

The depth of his knowledge across the industry, including camera, live-action, animation, set design, and the seemingly inexhaustible complexity of VFX and compositing, means that Nick is always able to make an idea work, delivering on time and on target.

Mike Maxwell

Mike is an exceptional Creative Director, with a foundation in motion graphic design, editing and live action directing. His experience ranges across branding, TV commercials, music promos and corporate films.

Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Premier, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro and Avid, he is a versatile collaborator with extensive experience in production, scripting, storyboarding, post production and VFX.

Mike’s amiable personality makes him a pleasure to work with. Having spent 4 years running a post production company, he has strong experience in pitching and collaborating directly with clients to bring their creative ideas and objectives to life.

Recent clients include Saatchi and Saatchi, Redbull media, SKYY vodka, PWC, VISA, NFL Superbowl, VCCP, Kream, Unit, Pretzel, Salt. Among the various brands he has created for there are HSBC, Coca Cola, O2, Adidas, MTV, L’Oreal and Guinness.