James Zwadlo

A multi-disciplinary Director and Designer, after working many years in the North of England, James began freelancing in 2012, following 2 years at The Bank where he worked on commercials and high-end brand films for the likes of Versace, Peroni and Grolsch. With an eye for traditional graphic design, he is a seasoned campaigner whose experience spans a wide range of projects and clients, including many of London’s best post-houses such as The Mill, MPC and Glassworks.

Fast and accurate, capable of working to the tightest of deadlines, James can create graphics from scratch and loves having the opportunity to demonstrate his versatility across 2D and 3D animation. A truly innovative designer with a thorough understanding of the industry, his skills include motion graphics, design, editing, illustration, motion photo manipulation and sound design.

His enthusiasm for showcasing high-end brands and his passion for creating beautiful unique work in Cinema 4D make him stand out from the crowd. He is always training up on new kit and software, hungry for learning new techniques to enhance his already solid skill set. James is proficient in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Vue Infinite & Vray.

As a freelancer he has been invited to collaborate with clients such as Grey, The Mill and MPC on television, commercials and film projects. Recent Clients include BBC, Vertical, Incredibull, CNBC, Spicer & Moore Whitecoat, Wilder Films, Salt TV, Ocicat, Flawless Media & Havas Worldwide.

Zach Ellams

Zach is a London-based Motion Designer and Editor. Previously based at TBWA, he now works with a variety of clients on a freelance basis. He is an associate of several top agencies including Pal TV, Bracket Films and Blue Door.

Skilled in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and the basics of Cinema 4D, he has experience in sports, promos, music video and brand films. This diverse range has led him to work for some top brands and creative companies including First Great Western, The Edge Picture Company, Big Talk Productions, Unilever, KPMG and Nokia.

Alistair Moncur

A self taught animator, whilst studying Interaction Design at university Alistair was able to impressively build a broad client list. With a strong passion and understanding of both the physical and digital world, his dedicated drive shows through in his work.

As well as being able to create animations, Alistair is capable of getting hands-on. With great building skills, he has spent a while working at Random International, constructing and assembling the studio’s latest project “Blur”. Always intrigued by the new, the next project and the big idea, he likes to challenge and push himself further, fully engaging himself into every piece he works on.

Proficient in Adobe CS, Cinema 4D and Lightwave, he also has practical skills such as physical prototyping, visual model-making, vinyl cutting & 3D printing, soldering, letterpress, lino cutting, screen printing and cooking with insects. Recent Clients include ITV, Unit9, ICA, Nexus Productions, This Is Global, Honda, British Airways, McDonalds, Royal Academy of Arts, Maynard Design, MAP Project Office.

Nick Kyriakides

With an extensive portfolio and experience in broadcast, film and international projects, Nick’s work has been part of the Cannes Official Selection in 2010 and he has been Head of Post-Production on many shorts that have won several awards. He specialises in all facets of post-production – from Editing and Motion Graphics to Visual Effects, Compositing, Keying and Grading.

Nick is also an Apple-certified trainer and editor in Final Cut Pro 7 and X, with more than 8 years experience in the Adobe range – predominantly After Effects and Premiere – and all aspects of a post production workflow.

Creative and idea-driven, he is articulate and passionate about his work, striving to improve unfamiliar areas and further his existing skills, striving to deliver to the highest possible standards on every occasion.

A dedicated team member and solo artist, Nick has excellent interpersonal skills and is easily adaptable to new concepts and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Recent clients include Arctos Media, Conscious 2, Beast Productions, Spring Studios, Coda and Elbow Productions.

Bobb Strongman

Bobb provides a range of animation and post production services including CG modelling and animation, compositing, visual effects, motion graphics and editing. He has worked for many prominent European broadcasters, as well as corporate clients and film makers.

Broadcast and production clients include: Aardman Animations, BBC, BT Sport, Cartoon Network, Citigroup, Disney, Diva, Diverse Productions, ESPN, Eurosport, HIT Entertainment, ITV, NBC Universal, M&C Saatchi, Smoke & Mirrors and Sky Television.


Megan Abbott

Megan is a senior motion graphics designer with over 10 years of experience. As she originally trained as a graphic designer she always begins and ends every project from a design point of view, which she finds helps to produce a well designed and considered concept when she is lending her animation skills to clients.

Megan has overseen projects from conception and storyboarding to the design and final delivery of well-executed videos. Her considerable knowledge also means she can lead a team of motion designers from different backgrounds – these include 3D designers and classically trained animators as well as operators with varying levels of experience in motion design.

Skilled in After Effects, Illustrator, Colour Grading, Character Animation and Compositing, Megan acts as an efficient contributor on projects.

Mike Maxwell

Mike is an exceptional Creative Director, with a foundation in motion graphic design, editing and live action directing. His experience ranges across branding, TV commercials, music promos and corporate films.

Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Premier, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro and Avid, he is a versatile collaborator with extensive experience in production, scripting, storyboarding, post production and VFX.

Mike’s amiable personality makes him a pleasure to work with. Having spent 4 years running a post production company, he has strong experience in pitching and collaborating directly with clients to bring their creative ideas and objectives to life.

Recent clients include Saatchi and Saatchi, Redbull media, SKYY vodka, PWC, VISA, NFL Superbowl, VCCP, Kream, Unit, Pretzel, Salt. Among the various brands he has created for there are HSBC, Coca Cola, O2, Adidas, MTV, L’Oreal and Guinness.

Lexi Elven

Lexi is a Motion Graphics Designer based in creative studio in Haggerston, East London. She delivers full-service design, animation, visual effects, art direction. Lexi makes projects and passions stand out in rapidly moving and changing environments. She is experienced in working on wide range of sectors from titles and branding to promos, trailers and mapping.

Lexi lives and works between London and Hong Kong, building a brand since 2007 of projects for high-profile industry names and design-conscious up’n’comers. She lays her career inspiration at the feet of Jurassic Park, where another Lexi faced down a stunningly realised T-Rex and lived to tell the tale.

Her recent clients include AKA, BBC, Blakeway, Blonde, Ch4, Curious, Empire Design London, Intermission, Manasian and Co., Metrodome, Panvista Productions, RAW, Raw Cut, Soho Events and The Partners.

Ollie Crisp

Ollie is a freelance motion designer who over the past 12 years has been fortunate enough to work on some award winning projects for some very prestigious clients including Jaguar, Sky, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Bentley and JCB.

He has extensive experience on productions of all scales and prides himself on delivering the very best quality and service from concept and pre-production, through shoot supervision to final delivery. Ollie is available to work both in the London area, but also to fully set up to work remotely for clients based anywhere.

Alex Burton

Alex is a Motion Graphic Designer based in London, specialising in 2D and 3D motion design, including video editing, graphic design, digital design and audio production.

Fluent in Adobe After Effect and Cinema 4D, he has over 6 years of experience in the industry, working for the best advertising agencies in the world for some of the biggest brands. Whether creating premium 2D/3D animations for MINI, Hyundai and Shell or shooting and editing bespoke stop motion content for Dominos and Lipton’s all his work is crafted with precision and flair.

Alex confidently communicates and produces innovative, creative, concept-driven work and he prides himself on imaginative thinking and close attention to detail. He has great vision and is constantly working to learn new skills and better his craft.

A great team player, who is passionate about what he does, Alex always puts himself 100% in every project and is great fun to work with. His projects include work for brands such as Samsung, Lipton, Glenfiddich, Domino’s, Barclays, Mini Cooper, Hyundai and Shell Ferrari.


Greg Nixon

Having worked in the broadcast industry for over 10 years, Greg has built a breadth of knowledge and experience across a range of sectors, delivering creative visuals and insightful responses to briefs.

Greg began his post production career as an editor and has expanded his skillset to include visual effects. He feels most at home putting together films in Premiere or Avid, enhancing them with VFX from After Effects and C4D. In his spare time he also enjoys working on personal projects: most recently animating a monster to star alongside Dexter Fletcher in the short film ‘Little Monsters’.

Having worked in a variety of enviroments, he’s used to taking rushes through the entire Post Production process himself, including grade and sound mix to a broadcast standard. His credits include: BBCs Watchdog, Andrew Marr’s History of the World, Bang Goes the Theory and he once single-handedly cut over 200 individual idents for ITVs coverage of the FA Cup!

Greg has the demeanour and experience to cope with high pressure post-production enviroments. He’s friendly, hard working, and was once described as ‘calm, efficient and utterly unphased’ whilst working on Andrew Marr’s History of The World. In fact, Jeremy Kyle once offered to be his referee, but he has yet to take him up on the offer.

Christy Lindsay

Christy is a meticulous, passionate editor with experience spanning 17 years in audio-visual content production. He likes to work closely with both his clients and the production team, guiding them through the entire process and allowing time to review each stage so that the client is happy.

In complement to his experience, Christy’s skillset covers all aspects of production from budgeting, scheduling, storyboards and coordination through to editing, colour grading and motion design.

His body of work includes the creation of content for well-loved brands such as Vice, Universal Music, M&C Saatchi, Diesel, Coca- Cola, Kellogg’s, Bench, BBC, Cadbury, Sony and Nivea.

Grant Gilchrist

Grant has worked extensively as a motion graphics designer, animator and editor/compositor for broadcasters, production companies and marketing firms. His work varies from funky animated promos for indie bands to graphics and animations for ocean liners, aircraft and airports around the world.

Skilled in AFX, FCP, DVD Studio Pro, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign. Grant is comfortable directing and just as happy working as an animator within a large team.

Some of his recent projects include an in-cinema ad for Samsung, motion graphics for Lloyds Bank and ongoing high-energy promos for Gucci. Other clients include: BBC, Channel 4, MTV, Comedy Central, Renault, Norwich Union, Cadbury, T.K. Maxx.

Daniele Baiardini

Hailing from Rome, Daniele is a Motion Designer, Animator and Editor who completed a 3-year course in Comic Drawing before discovering his passion for animation, learning the basics as assistant 2D animator. Moving to Turin to attend the Italian National Film School’s Animation Department, he studied different film-related topics and covered all areas of animation developing both 2D and 3D skills.

Daniele’s key specialisation is After Effects, ranging in the vastitude of the software: from compositing to VFX, from tracking to Motion Graphics, rigging and animating characters. He is technically proficient using the whole Adobe package and Mocha.

Along his technical skills he also has excellent artistic skills painting and drawing with acrylic colours or Pantone markers or pastels and has been doing video installations. Clients he’s been working for include M&C Saatchi, WhiteCoat Productions, Prime Focus Film.

Lily Baker

Originally from Australia, Lily is a London-based Motion Graphics Animator and video editor with a background in advertising and consulting.

Highly skilled in After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator; she can create her own assets and characters. Lily has worked on a range of projects including promos, kinetic typography pieces, explainers, character animations and live footage editing.

Fast, diligent, resourceful and very good at providing creative solutions, Lily is flexible, takes feedback well and is brilliant at working alone or with a team to find the best way to realise a client’s brief.

Recent clients include Nomadic Films, Fort Studios, Social Superstore, Steak Digital.

Paul Bloomfield

Paul has worked as a Motion Graphics Artist for 7 years with extensive experience working in production, post-production, broadcast and corporate sectors.

Paul has also worked at The Mill for 6 years as a Freelancer in their Design team working in conjunction with Mill+ dealing with large corporate clients like Unilever, BT, VirginMedia and Rimowa as well as music videos and short films.

Highly proficient in After Effects, Premiere and Cinema 4D; including X – Particles, Octane and Arnold plugins.

Notable clients include Goldman Sachs and Discovery Channel.