Elliott Chyi

Elliott Chyi is a London-based freelance editor, AFX artist and digital imaging technician with over 4 years of industry-leading experience. Specialising in commercials, high-end corporate and music promos, his portfolio includes work with high-profile clients such as the Financial Times, Pulse Films and VICE.

Fluent in Adobe Premiere, AVID, Da Vinci and After Effects, Elliott’s skills allow him to edit, subtitle and even consult on foreign language content (he is bilingual in Mandarin), opening doors to a global audience. On the subject of working cross-culturally, his cosmopolitan upbringing (Elliot grew up in four countries on three continents) means he’s also able to connect with diverse clients and collaborate on high-end projects with award-winning DOPs.

His technical skills and experience on set and in the studio make him a versatile professional. Always open to new opportunities and with a keen eye for innovation, he is a versatile and valuable asset in today’s dynamic creative industry.