Piétro Occhiuzzi

Pietro is a highly experienced Broadcast Film Editor who worked internationally on high-end projects including Channel 5, Discovery, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. He has a great eye for storytelling and pacing, drama, tension, and humour. Proficient in Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. His attention to detail for the characters and aesthetics makes him a fantastic editor who always delivers a top-quality product.     

He thoroughly checks his own work and recommends improvements when necessary. He works effectively as a team member and has proactive behaviour to achieve the team’s goals. Pietro can speak and work in English, Italian, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin). 

Recent clients include Amazon Prime, BBC, Channel 5, and Discovery.

Agathe Cury

Agathe is a video director, editor & creative Swiss army knife.

She co-founded two creative video companies, while building an eclectic portfolio of commercials, branded content, music videos and art films, both scripted and unscripted. her experience spans screenwriting, directing, cutting and executive producing all kinds of projects for the past 20 years, both in France (her homeland) and in the UK.

Agathe is flexible,  she can join in on a project at the ideation stage and help with its conception and writing, work on a director’s creative treatment based off a fleshed out idea, or jump in at the post production stage.

Daniel Younger

Dan is an editor with 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry. He has a strong sense of story-telling, dramatic timing and eye for the finer details. Experienced in Avid, Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut X, he is able able to create effects-based work within these programmes if required.

He is adept at working in high-pressure environments and can handle extremely quick turnarounds whilst delivering edits to an exceptionally high-quality finish. A frequently valued member of any team, he remains organised, calm and friendly even in the most stressful of environments.

Whilst Dan works well in a team, he is also able to work remotely, delivering high quality work from a well set-up studio at home. He is well organised and has a tidy ethos within any project he’s working on.

Recent productions Dan has worked on include Love Island, I’m A Celebrity, Four In A Bed, Gogglebox and Open House: The Great Sex Experiment.

Aoife Hawe

Aoife is a multi-disciplinary creative who specializes in short form video content. A confident editor who also possesses a first class degree in VFX and animation, Aoife is always on the hunt for the next project or challenge that will put her ever-growing list of skills to the test.

Proficient with Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Maya and Nuke there isn’t a software package or skill Aoife isn’t happy to get hands on with. Previous clients include BBC Studios, Top Gear, Doctor Who, BBC Earth and Little Dot Studios amongst others.

Ryan McBlain

With 6 years of experience in the TV industry Ryan has worked on a range of shows from reality and documentary TV series gaining a proficient understanding of technical workflows and has assisted editors directly by helping sync and edit scenes for various shows.

Specialising in Avid Ryan also has strong knowledge of resolve, premiere and final cut and is willing to put the time, energy and effort into learning new software’s, discovering new workflows and techniques that benefit any production.

John Dunn

John is a London-based Motion Designer with over 20 years of experience in design and direction. He is passionate about working on conceptual narratives and emotive driven work. He creates because he loves the process of delivering something that has been considered and that can resonate with an audience.

In addition to being a talented designer, John is the author and creator of Jas ‘n’ Nini, a children’s brand and picture book. The first instalment, Jas ’n’ Ni-ni trip to the museum, follows the exploits of 2 modern characters – sisters Jas and Ni-ni on a trip to the museum. A piece created for more representation in children’s picture books.

Gary Mayes

Gary is a conceptual designer, artist and animator with extensive experience within creative moving image production.

Whatever the subject, he is excellent at identifying, meeting and exceeding the expectations of a diverse range of clients. He has a strong sense of the narrative and the heart of a subject, which leads to engaging the viewer at an emotional level.

His broad range of skills include drawing, illustrating, storyboarding, animation and motion design, together with an excellent understanding of the technical and creative aspects of the production workflow.

Gary is accomplished in After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator and the handling of complex projects. With an ability to stay calm and focused when delivering to tight deadlines, he is equally at home with conceiving and delivering projects alone or as part of a team.

He has a keen eye for the artistry and charm in animation, together with a sensibility for the special relationship between motion and sound.

Clients include Universal Music, Event Projection, Pottermore Publishing, BBC and Cambridge English.

Daniel Petiafo

Daniel has strong knowledge of both Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator) and Avid Media Composer (intermediate). He is comfortable editing with clients in suite, receiving and executing on feedback to solve narrative and message delivery problems.

He has an excellent understanding of the workflow from camera through to post-production, from image acquisition on set to ingest of source materials, through to offline editing and then finishing for both broadcast and social media platforms. 

Daniel’s experience extends to the use of Adobe After Effects/VFX including motion tracking, Chroma keying, Rotoscoping, text and particle effects and screen/sign replacement.

George Reynolds

George is an experienced editor who is completely obsessed with the art of editing. He surrounds himself with the craft, and when he isn’t in front of a timeline, he is practising and studying new techniques. He has an incredible eye and rhythm for storytelling, but aside from that, he brings a fresh new outlook to the cutting table.

Un-phased by Non-Linear Editing Software, with credits in AVID, Premiere and Resolve, George understands the technology does not create the story, it’s just a tool that guide it.

He is a talented manipulator of footage, excellent problem solver and can guarantee to bring a creative flare and energy with him to the edit. His most recent work has just been featured by Cannes.

Recent clients include, Channel 4, UKTV, Smithsonian, ITV Studios, Discovery US.

Tom Stokes

Tom began working in film and commercials  at RSA Films, where he gained a  thorough insight into the industry and began to navigate his own career path. He has continued to expand his skillset and creative output through working as a freelance Video Editor, as well as continuing with his own projects.

Tom’s background in Fine Art gives him a creative eye. He is skilled in creating compelling films within tight deadlines and is experienced in a wide variety of platforms and projects including documentaries,  branded content, comedy and commercials.

Tom’s skillset includes Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder, Audition, Photoshop, InDesign. He also has experience shooting with Canon cameras and sound recording with zoom & lapel microphones.

James Thorne

James is an enthusiastic freelance editor with experience that spans over television and digital landscapes. His work has ranged from documentaries and reality on the weird and wonderful (a particular favourite of his; My Partner Identifies As A Dog) to fast-paced digital campaigns for major brands like P&G. 

Over his 7+ years in the industry, he has stepped in and out of other roles in production, such as Edit Producer and Self Shooting AP, which has given him a balanced eye and a wider awareness of each edit he undertakes. He has honed his storytelling skills and developed a thoughtful, logical and creative way to edit from beginning to end.

Proficient in AVID and Premiere Pro (and most other useful Adobe programmes).

He is a big fan of Bowie, East-Asian cinema and the occasional glass of wine.


Burak Ozturk

Burak’s interest on story telling with images started with analogue photography and dark room processes. Since then has worked on DI restoration, DataCine and DI Colour grading.

In the last decade, Burak’s focus has been on Grading, Finishing and Workflow/Colour management which gave him opportunity to work with variety of companies and projects globally.

Since 2015, he has been delivering Colour grading courses where he also gets the chance to learn with his trainees.

Nauan Barros

Nauan is a versatile, multilingual, creative video editor and storyteller. She loves to take ideas to the nth-degree and has completed successful projects with major television and digital networks.

Nauan has worked on documentaries, TV series, feature films, short films, commercials, trailers, branded content, promos, and music videos around the UK, Europe and South America.

Matt Sheern

Matt is an imaginative motion graphics designer with extensive experience in broadcast, social, and print work. He has been bringing ideas to life since 2010. An established creative with over 360 campaigns under his belt, Matt works across various platforms and themes.

He brings an extensive knowledge of motion graphics, animation, storytelling, design and brand awareness to any brief. He uses Photoshop and After Effects to conceptualise ideas from the ground up and as team leader guides other designers/animators in executing those ideas.

Callum Monro

Callum’s background in Visual Effects has given him a brilliant insight into both 2D and 3D production pipelines for VFX and Motion Graphics.

He has built his freelance career from the ground up during the coronavirus pandemic and is proud to have worked for a host of ​brilliant agencies and brands such as; TikTok, Roche, UEFA, Boots, Ted Baker and No7 as well as working directly with SMEs to produce explainer videos for their products and services.

Callum now mixes his time between producing and designing corporate animations for SMEs and working freelance for larger studios, collaborating with senior creative directors to execute their vision on Explainer Videos, Social Advertising and even Medical Animations for global brands and campaigns.

His software specialties are; After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro

Sheridan Seraphin

Sheridan Seraphin is an editor and multifaceted filmmaker with over a decades experience in editing short form content, promotional videos and documentaries. His previous corporate clients include Redbull, Red Letter Day and Sarah Miller Partners. Additionally, he has worked on projects for numerous charities including Battersea Dogs Home.’

As the founder of Blue Sera Films, a production company that prides itself on boundary pushing and thought provoking filmmaking, Sheridan has written, directed and edited many works for highly respected artists including Roxy Walsh, Sally Underwood, Marcia Scott and Maria Kulikovska. Working largely with creatives, he has also produced videos highlighting legendary musicians such as Jazzie B of Soul II Soul fame, Don Letts and Norman Jay MBE.

Filmmaking and all facets thereof form the backbone of his creative process which focuses on an evolution of form and content. Sheridan is always looking for new ways to tell stories and firmly believes that film can be a catalyst for personal and social transformation.